AWS rejects new sign-ups, Microsoft suspends new sales in Russia

(IANS) Amazon’s cloud-computing unit, Amazon Web Services announced that it is no longer accepting new customers based in Russia or Belarus, following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Amazon said that AWS has no data centres or infrastructure in Russia, and has no policy of not conducting business with the Russian government.

“Unlike other US technology providers, AWS has no data centres, infrastructure, or offices in Russia, and we have a long-standing policy of not doing business with the Russian government,” Amazon wrote in a blog post.

“We have also stopped allowing new sign-ups for AWS in Russia and Belarus. Our biggest customers using AWS in Russia are companies who are headquartered outside of the country and have some development teams there.”

Microsoft, which operates the rival Azure cloud computing platform, recently said that it is suspending “all new sales of Microsoft products and services in Russia”.

“In addition, we are coordinating closely and working in lockstep with the governments of the US, the European Union and the UK, and we are stopping many aspects of our business in Russia in compliance with governmental sanctions decisions,” Brad Smith, Microsoft President, noted. In addition, the big four consulting firms — Deloitte, KPMG, EY and PwC — have announced they were ceasing operations in Russia and Belarus over Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine.

A spokesperson for KPMG International said that they have a responsibility, along with other global businesses, to respond to the Russian government’s ongoing military attack on Ukraine.

Earlier, fintech and digital payments giants like MasterCard, Visa and PayPal have announced plans to exit the region.

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