Aries Weekly Horoscope 27th March– 3rd April 2022


Love and Relationships

Rahu and Mercury warn you to be careful while speaking to your partner. During this time, don’t be rude or aggressive. This may impact your marriage. You and your spouse may enjoy each other’s company. Venus’s passage would strengthen marriage ties. Religious work gives you blissful time with your spouse. Family communication would be crucial. Give some space to your partner to gain some quality time.


Not a good week for your health. Ignorance can lead to poor health. Jupiter’s transit warns you to be careful with your sleeping habits as this might induce insomnia. Avoid arguments as Rahu and Sun transit might generate disagreements with family members or at work. Leg discomfort can occur in the elderly. Pay attention to your health. A health concern may depress you.


Owing to the Jupiter and Sun transits, you may face unexpected expenses. Have a financial strategy in place for those who may incur legal costs. Your company strategy might benefit from a new investment plan that you make. Financial preparation is required to avoid financial stress. You would be guided by an expert who can provide financial support for your endeavours. Avoid taking any loan.


Most planet transits can cause tension. A job transfer or change may occur. You may be thrust into a new job role. There would be changes in the workplace. Sudden conflicts or ego clashes with your supervisor might occur. Be cautious with work-related correspondence and mail. Avoid arguing with your superiors. Because there are chances that you may disagree with your employer, causing difficulties at work.


Your teacher would be supportive, and you may find the perfect mentor this week. While responding, be wary of Mercury’s transit. Success is guaranteed in higher education by following your regular routine. The intended outcome may come slowly due to your hard work and effort. If you are studying language or communication, this is a great week. Recognition is expected from the prior exam.

The Week’s Overview

Just like the Alpha Werewolf has very high sexual desires during their heat, this week will be for you. This week Rahu and Mercury are suggesting you be choosy in the words you say to your spouse. Mars transit can make you aggressive but you will enjoy the company of your spouse so don’t let your anger ruin that period.
Family functions are also planned for this week which will give you happiness and joy. With Venus transit, your marriage relationship will get strong. Religious work and communication with your family are of utmost importance this week.
The week may offer ample sources of income, but there can be unplanned expenses too. Not a good week to take any loan but definitely a good week for new investment which can yield you amazing returns. Expenditure related to health and legal issues can be there. Do financial planning by taking guidance from experts.
Transits of planets can give you stress as the work environment may also change. The burden of responsibilities, conflicts, ego clashes, arguments, etc. can stress you out. There may be times when your opinion won’t match with your boss and that’s okay! You give your best and keep your communication professional while conversing via email or any other form.
Jupiter transit will bring your teacher to mentor you in the right direction. You may reap success in your higher studies if you follow your routine and be determined with your hard work. The progress can be slow but you will fetch your desired results. Language or communication students this week is your week. Success will follow wherever you go. Your past exams are likely to get you recognition.
With the transit of Mars and Jupiter, there can be a new learning experience. Students may also get to taste the foreign air. It is advised to plan your studies prior as it can help you achieve your goals.
This week may not look very well for you dear Aries. Your ignorance may be the reason for your deteriorating health. It is also advisable to fix your sleep schedule otherwise you may be down with insomnia-related issues. This week you might feel low, so try doing a hobby that refreshes your entire being. Overall this week you need to be attentive towards everything that you do.

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