Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 20th March– 26th March 2022

Love and Relationships

This week will be all about spending some quality time with your partner. Any existing hassles between the two of you might be resolved, and the eternal love could come back where it is destined for. There are strong chances of you receiving some gifts from your partner. Singles may find some long-awaited companions during this week. It’s a promising time for couples planning a child.


Avoid thinking about matters that can make you angry, increase anxiety, or depress you. These may, in the future, cause physical ailments and harm your body. Be optimistic and keep yourself engaged in stress-reducing activities. Keep continuing your good habits as that will give you a fit body and healthy mind. Do some light exercise to keep the body fit.


Your financial life will be quite different from last week, says your weekly horoscope. You would be in total control of your funds and finances. Stay ready to get some unexpected monetary gains. Either employed or self-employed, there is every chance of you making some good money. Travelling for work is destined and also fated for some good gains through that travel this week. Changes and Challenges are indicated this week, and it is critical how you handle those.


There may be some unexpected changes happening in your professional life during this week. If you are waiting to start your own business, go ahead and do it as this may be the correct time. Plan every minute detail and implement it thoroughly. This is the payback time for all the hard work you have done. Good time to invest in real estate for self or family.


Meticulously prepare what you need to and do not leave out hay. Your preparations will be highly appreciated, and this will help you convince people about your epitomes. Time is highly favourable for those law students planning to get enrolled with the bar. Keep putting focused efforts into your learning, and there could soon be a great phase in your life with wonderful times.

The Week’s Overview

This week you will have to think away from outside worries and focus on family. The household life of married people will proceed with love and understanding. Both of you will understand each other very well, with the help of which the family will run well. People living a love life will be happy to know the condition of their beloved’s heart and your beloved will also keep you happy. This time will be good for employed people. Just be a little careful with your opponents.The business class will pay full attention to their work, due to which good results will start coming in the work. Your image will also be strong and business will gain momentum. Talking about students, time will be good for them. They would like to know different topics from the syllabus. In this they can also get the help of scholars. From the health point of view, there is no possibility of any major health problem right now, but you need to pay attention to your diet.The middle of the week is going to be good for the purpose of travelling.

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