Airtel ready to launch 5G, showcases immersive experiences with high-speed network


(IANS) Telecom operator Airtel on Thursday showcased its high-speed 5G network and low latency capabilities to transform the users’ experiences to the next level, and it is fully prepared to launch the high-speed network in the country.

Low latency helps in streaming a very high volume of data with minimal delay.

Besides, some IoT solutions such as cloud gaming, wearable devices which can access workplaces remotely, and drones for inventory management in warehouses were displayed at the telecom operator’s Network Experience Center in Haryana’s Manesar.

It also demonstrated immersive video experiences and India’s first 5G-powered hologram of former India cricketer Kapil Dev, and recreated the in-stadia experience of his unbeaten 175 not out against Zimbabwe during the 1983 World Cup. Reportedly, there is no video footage available for that particular match due to a strike by TV technicians at that particular time.

With speeds of over 1 gbps and latency of under 20 ms, more than 50 users seamlessly enjoyed a highly personalized 4K video experience of the re-created match on 5G smartphones, with real-time access to multiple camera angles, 360-degree in-stadia view, and shot analysis.

It is expected that an auction for 5G spectrum would be conducted within the next two months and the formal launch of the service later this year – possibly around Independence Day.

“With today’s demonstration, we have only scratched the surface of the infinite possibilities of 5G and highly personalised immersive experiences in the digital world. With 5G based holograms, we will be able to transport virtual avatars to any location and this will be a game changer for meetings and conferences, LIVE news and will have so many other use cases,” said Randeep Sekhon, Chief Technology Officer of Bharti Airtel.

“Airtel is fully prepared for 5G in this emerging digital world and is building a solid pipeline of innovative use cases for India,” he added.

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