A Precision Dive Watch Keeps Divers on Time

Photo by John Cahil Rom on Pexels.com

The History of Dive Watches

When discussing modern timepieces, there are so many different things in today’s day and age that are taken for granted, and one of those is the concept of water resistance. Back in the 20th century, telling time was extremely important, especially for those in the most time-critical professions where a simple delay could end up being the difference between life and death. Watches were extremely important during war times, and many armies had commissioned watchmaking companies to create these watches for their troops.

As warfare evolved, the need for more specialized and accurate watches did, as well. Ultimately, this is where the concept of a “dive watch” first originated, as one of the most sought-after features for a watch was water resistance and the ability to hold up to atmospheric pressures while diving. Initially back in the early 20th century, watch casings were not created with durability or resistance in mind. The cases had little to no seals around the crown and they were assembled so that humidity and fine dust could get into the case as well as into the movements. 

Today, dive watches are one of the most popular wristwatches to buy, however, the vast majority of them will never actually be used for what they were initially created for – providing safety to divers as they dive to deeper depths.

What a Dive Watch is Used For

In short, dive watches were created to keep track of the amount of time spent underwater where the deeper you dive, the less visibility you begin to have. However, today dive watches are used primarily for style as well as for their water-resistant properties. Although they may not necessarily be as commonly used for their initial purpose, dive watches are still extremely popular today among watch-wearers.

Dive Watch Elements

So, what exactly makes a watch a dive watch? According to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), they developed the criteria that must be met for a watch to be classified as a dive watch. The list can be found in ISO 6425, however, compliance with the list is voluntary. A few key elements you should look for in your dive watch are listed below.

  1. The watch must be equipped with elapsed time indicators – typically a unidirectional rotating bezel that has indentations to help continue operation while the user is wearing diving gloves.  
  2. Specialized equipment is used to ensure the water resistance reaches up to 300 ft (100 m).
  3. The dive watch must be able to be properly read and visible at deeper depths where the total darkness reaches 25 cm (9.8 in). Typically, this can be achieved by incorporating a luminous material into the watch face, hands, and bezel.
  4. Lastly, the case and strap material for the watch must be corrosion resistant. In most cases, 316L typically meets the required standards in this scenario.

There are also aesthetic features that make dive watches instantly more recognizable. Aesthetically, dive watches tend to be larger in diameter, have a solid and durable case, have a rotating bezel, and have a strap that is either made of rubber or metal.

Examples of Dive Watches

Although they may not be commonly used for what they were initially invented for, dive watches are still extremely popular among watch enthusiasts in today’s day and age. If you are interested in purchasing your own dive watch, check out these Invicta watches from ShopHQ.com below.

Invicta Reserve 52mm Venom Fusion Swiss Quartz Master Calendar Watch

This timepiece, created in Switzerland, looks grand with either the gold-tone or rose-tone stainless steel and purple accents on the unidirectional rotating bezel and center bracelet links. The dial stands out with its iridescent mother-of-pearl, and an explosion of chronograph and master calendar sub-dials and luminous features deliver the goods needed.

Invicta Reserve 52mm Blue Label Venom Viper Swiss Quartz Chronograph Bracelet Watch

The Blue label Venom Viper comes fully equipped with all of the tools one may need to navigate a chaotic schedule with ease. The watch comes framed by a mother-of-pearl inner bezel. The dials hold day, date, and month subdials alongside a chronograph! The best part? These dials are all powered by a reliable Swiss quartz movement!

Invicta Reserve Kraken 54mm Swiss Quartz Chrono Bracelet Watch

This watch comes boasting a trio of chronograph subdials, day retrograde and date window subdials, the timepiece is extremely functional regardless of your next adventure. The watch comes with a 54mm case and a silicone and stainless-steel bracelet that is great for any weather. It comes complete with a unidirectional bezel and an impressive 20ATM water resistance.

Invicta Reserve Men’s 52mm Venom Fusion Automatic Double Open Heart Bracelet Watch

Last, but certainly not least, comes the Invicta Reserve Venom Fusion. This timepiece is available in a wide variety of colors. It features a classic-style, five-link stainless steel bracelet with a 52mm case. In gleaming mother-of-pearl, the dial showcases the automatic movement through two open hearts.

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