10 Reasons Why Guest Posting Deserves a Place in Every Online Marketing Strategy


Content marketing is three times more efficient for lead generation than outbound marketing strategies. Meanwhile, businesses with blogs generate 126% more traffic than those that don’t. As a result, 56% of businesses plan to increase their content creation spending. 

Instead of investing more in content creation this year, consider adding guest posting to your online marketing strategy. Not sure if guest blogging is right for you?

Read on to discover the top 10 benefits of using a guest blog posting service first.

After reading this guide, you can determine if guest posts suit your marketing strategy!

1. Generate Brand Awareness

It can take over five impressions in front of a consumer before they realize your brand exists. Without brand awareness, you’ll never generate leads or sales. In fact, 60% of shoppers prefer familiar brands, too. 

Content marketing drives three times higher brand engagement and leads than ads. Engagement can help brand awareness, recognition, and recall grow.

Meanwhile, using guest posting sites will expand your reach online. You can boost your brand’s visibility to ensure consumers find your business. As they read your blog posts, they have an easier time remembering your brand. 

Look for guest post opportunities on sites your customers already love to read. Providing content for an established industry publication can boost your brand’s visibility. People who haven’t heard of your business can learn about you from a credible source. 

They’ll become more inclined to trust your business if they read your blog content on a site they already trust. Delivering a favorable impression of your brand can help you generate more business in the future. 

2. Establish Your Credibility

Consumers prefer shopping from brands they know and trust. Remember, guest posting can help you boost your brand’s visibility. You can leverage another website’s existing brand authority to boost your own credibility, too.

Beyond that, you can also use your guest blog post to demonstrate your experience and expertise. You can stand out as a business within your niche by discussing your experiences.

Meanwhile, you can spend more time answering the questions your customers are asking. They’ll begin to realize you have the expertise they’re searching for. Then, they might decide to rely on you as a go-to resource in the future.

Establishing yourself as a credible resource could help you generate a following. It can also help you encourage consumers to shop from your business. 

Guest blogging will give you the chance to become a thought leader in your industry. You can stand out from competitors and attract more people to your store. 

3. Build Backlinks

Backlinks are one of Google’s top ranking factors. The more backlinks you can generate, the more organic traffic you can win for that page.

Unfortunately, over 66% of pages online don’t have backlinks. The average cost of buying a link is about $361.44, too. Meanwhile, the average cost of publishing a paid guest post is about $77.80. 

One of the top benefits of creating quality guest posts is the opportunity to generate backlinks.

As you’re writing your guest blog post, make sure to add a link to your own blog content within the post. You can reference a blog post you wrote in the past or one of your product pages. Then, you can start directing consumers to your website.

Since backlinks are one of Google’s top ranking factors, generating more links can improve your search rankings. 

4. Gain Referral Traffic

Generating more backlinks through guest posting can also help you generate referral traffic. 

Anyone who finds your guest blog post can click on the link to your site. Then, they can explore your content and learn about your business. They can discover your service and product pages, too.

Generating more referral traffic will encourage Google to improve your search engine rankings further. 

Without backlinks, however, your rankings might never improve. 

5. Discover New Audiences

Guest posting more often can help you reach new audiences. You can connect with consumers outside of your target audience.

You might discover a new niche you haven’t thought to focus on before, too.

6. Build Your Social Media Following

After posting your content on your website, blogs might also want to share a link to the post on their social media accounts. They might even tag your account within the social media post. With each tag, your social media presence will grow.

Then, you can generate more social media followers, providing you with new opportunities to engage customers in real-time. 

7. Generate Quality Leads

Sharing content on guest posting sites can help you generate more website traffic. As you generate more traffic, you also have the chance to generate more leads. 

Establishing yourself as a thought leader in the industry might encourage more people to give your brand a chance. You can also leverage their trust in other publications to encourage them to try you out. 

8. Increase Brand Trust

Guest blogging can help you generate brand trust. Once consumers trust you, they might decide to shop from your business.

In time, brand trust can become brand loyalty, allowing you to retain customers. Improving your retention rate can also boost your ROI. 

9. Improve Search Engine Rankings

Higher search engine rankings can help you generate website traffic, brand awareness, and leads. Your content will appear ahead of competing brands, too. You’ll get the chance to reach customers before your competitors can as a result. 

10. Boost Your ROI

Improving your search engine rankings and generating leads through guest posting sites can boost your ROI. These strategies are cost-effective compared to traditional marketing strategies. Remember, content marketing is more cost-effective than outbound marketing, too.

With a guest blog posting service, you can improve your ROI and set your business up to grow. You can find more information here before getting started. 

Get Blogging: 10 Benefits of Guest Posting for Your Business

Set your business up for long-term growth. With guest posting opportunities, you’ll find new ways to reach and engage customers. Once you direct them to your website, you can generate more leads and sales, too.

Expand your reach and get growing with guest blogging today!

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