Yogi Adityanath, a saffron monk has brought a dawn of development and harmony in Uttar Pradesh, obliterating pernicious political terror and eradicated prevalent hooliganism. Will he become CM again? 

The tumult of election campaigns and mudslinging of political parties is elevating enormously the excitement of voters. All parties are working to convince the voters with commendable intensity. Uttar Pradesh is a state which outshines all other states at the time of elections, since it is actually not less than a battlefield for political parties. Which is why all parties are ardently making strenuous efforts to snatch as many seats as they can’t Therefore some parties are evidently squandering their party’s budget to persuade the voters of UP who don’t fall for ligs and freebies. Still, they believe the glitters of false hopes and promises can bewilder the voters and fetch them power of this state. The copious amount of disgusting mudslinging is happening from some political parties, while BJP is unwaveringly speaking against the Hooliganism which this party has weakened in the state, and exceedingly talking about the development of Yogi Govt.

Religion and caste politics. 

UP has always been a ground of various factors in elections in which caste is the most important one. As without discussing this, the elections are actually not possible. Although, the political parties strongly demonstrate their objection against the castes, but these are the parties which choose candidates by meticulously rummaging through all the constituencies to know which caste is holding the control of a particular area. In UP, currently the heat of politicians from oppression parties is soaring up, many have been seen, threatening Hindus, and Bjp supporters to face dire consequences if their party came in power. And the retort of Bjp leaders is apparently more intense. However, all parties know it well that only the voters have the right to decide what they want in the state. Unfortunately, as a up voter, I can aver that here people don’t always vote for development or something else which shines in the manifestos of parties. They vote for the candidate of their castes, and religion, ignoring the future of the youth. Caste and religion politics is deeply rooted in Up, and no party can convincingly refute it.  Yogi was blamed for being partial against some castes including Brahman, even by those parties who usually oppose caste system. Public has uninterruptedly noticed how Yogi has stifled this caste politics and religious prejudices. 

Development vs hooliganism

Currently, these two words are the real star campaigners of BJP and other parties. Bjp is fervently attacking Samajwadi party for its blood stained past of hooliganism and communal riots in the state, and its partial tendency towards Hindus which SP leaders are attempting to hide behind temporary phony Hindu identity in their political rallies. While SP is targeting CM Yogi Adityanath disdainfully, claiming that he has failed as CM and increased the unemployment in the state and weakened law and order, citing some criminal cases. The hilarious fact here is, Akhilesh Yadav has deliberately tried to whitewash his failure and was hidden in his personal life until the announcement of the elections knocked at his party office. However, he never forgot to take the credit of the development happened in Yogi govt. As he claims whatever CM Yogi has done, was started by him. Therefore, Even Pm Modi doesn’t let any chance go in vain to deride Sp leader for his frivolous statements over development projects completed by Yogi govt. 

Destroying the empire of Mafias and rioters

Yogi Adityanath might not be everyone’s choice at this moment for his staunch, unapologetic pro Hindu identity, however what he has done in five years, is unquestionably phenomenal. First he has remarkably eradicated the empire of hoodlums and Mafias in the state powerfully, and allayed the fears of public about the hooligans who used to be secretly nurtured by the party in power before him. He has obliterated pernicious political terror against the Hindus, and partial tendencies of political parties against a particular caste. The change is vivid . Moreover, in five years, no communal riot happened in UP which could never be deemed possible before Yogi. As history tells us If communal violence emanates from anywhere in the country, the heat of it would quickly reach UP, but it was no longer possible in Yogi govt. 

In 2020, when communal riot erupted and engulfed Hindus in Delhi, no flame of riot could emerge in up. When the centre was struggling to quell the anti-hindu riot in the capital, Lucknow was safe because Yogi has strongly clinched the flames and extinguished them immediately. And those who were agog to torch the buses and diffuse the fears in public, were publicly seen on the posters hung on the crossings of Lucknow. This time, the fear was injected in the hearts of rioters, Mafias, hoodlums pandered by political parties, and those who wanted to burn the state like they did in other govts. This prevalent propensity of criminals to kill and rise to snatch political power, was uniquely shattered by the strict actions and encounters by the govt. 

Resurrection of law and order 

As Yogi sat on the chair of CM, he never exhibited any iota of partiality against any citizen of up, which I believe, is needed in this state. He has done all his duties tremendously like a CM without giving up his Hindu identity. All the policies he has created in his govt were for all, irrespective of caste and religion. But, opposition parties always attack him, blaming him for being religiously partial against Muslims. As they believe that a Hindu can’t be clear about his political identity, and proud of his religious identity without wrapping himself in the attire of fabricated secularism which ironically hates a Hindu leader who denies to wear an Islamic cap to exhibit his secularism. Being a proud Hindu monk, he transformed Up to Uttam Pradesh, by powerfully cleansing the dirt of hooligans and political Mafias, and attracted the investors and companies in order to create profuse opportunities of employment for the youth who have seen the vision in his eyes

Now, as soon as the fears of Mafias and uncertainty of law and order have dissipated, the companies are willing to come in Up and speed up the development. The ease of doing business, fearless environment, and opportunities for the youth have been his priorities. Although, it is quite familiar that political parties have a penchant for mocking the party in power for some fictitious issues. That’s what is happening in UP right now, SP is immensely targeting Yogi govt for failing to create employment, ignoring his past that laughs at him as when he was relishing power, he adversely failed to creage jobs, whereas,Yogi has wonderfully cleared all the vacancies and paralyzed the system of selling govt jobs to the rich and a particular political caste belonging to Akhilesh Yadav, which was flourishing wildly in the state, However it has been completely trampled down by Yogi, only a few shards of this political business is still intact, but counting its last breaths. Subsequently, UP is noticeably transcending in all sectors under new leadership of Yogi, erasing the history of riots and communal environment.

Reviving the significance of Hindus and ending an era of partiality

Hindus are generally beguiled by sophistry of sp, and congress. They are lured by some freebies, while party’s manifesto is in fact, a bait for them. The history of these parties shouldn’t be ignored by Hindu community. As this is what helps them know whether they are significant for these parties or just a mere population in the state. In previous govts, Hindu glory was on the verge of oblivion, as no govt has ever thought of doing anything for the Hindu. The reason of which is quite simple – Secularism. Until Yogi came in power, the bigotry of govts was prevalent in UP. They were fixated on appeasing Muslims, building Haz house, and giving opportunities to savour power, whereas Yogi has strengthened Hindu community, reviving the significance of Hindus shrines, and ended the era of partiality against Hindus. He has hammered the theory of Muslim cajolement, and emphasized the equality. 

The community which was neglected for decades, is now prioritized and given due respect and development. Consequently, the sacred shrines of Hindus are now scintillating with their dazzling glory. Now Hindus are not coerced to minimize the celebration of their festivals, they are not politically ignored. They don’t have to remove the bells from their temples just because a mosque stands beside them. Shocking? Yes it happened in previous govt. Since, Indian secularism boldly states that Hindus are supposed to be more clement towards Muslims, and muffle their voices against this peculiar partiality. 

The cities that are known for Hindu temples, are embracing adequate development, and receiving all the political support to enliven their quintessential splendor. Ayodhya, Prayag, Mathura, and Kashi have already witnessed the change. Now these places are not put aside by the govt to avoid any danger to their vote bank. Therefore, I strongly believe that what Yogi did for Hindus and for the betterment of every citizen of UP impartially, is unequivocally worth a second term. As no govt has ever established harmony everywhere in the state, without suppressing a particular community to gladden the other. This appeasement politics of previous govts has categorically reached its end. Now development, employment and harmony are a new identity of Uttar Pradesh. 

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