What 2022 Could Bring – Bold Predictions for 2022

COVID-19 will become endemic

Two years into the worst pandemic of the new millennium, governments are hoping the fast-spreading, but less severe omicron variant marks a turning point, a shift toward a more predictable and manageable phase. Resolved to escape the crisis and bypass more restrictions, officials in some nations suggest it’s approaching time to treat Covid as an endemic disease, like seasonal flu. Yes, it’ll eventually become a reality. COVID-19 will become an endemic this year. Scientists expect that mid-2022 is when enough people will gain at least some protection from the coronavirus through vaccines, prior infections, or both; it will blunt the spread of the virus and reduce hospitalizations and deaths over time. Covid will pose less of a threat.

The collapse of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s tourism industry, which represents over 10% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product and brings in foreign exchange, has been hit hard by the COVID pandemic. Also, Sri Lanka is a classic case of how large Chinese investments can go wrong for a host economy. Large foreign loans, contracted at high-interest rates, have pushed Sri Lanka into a debt trap. Srilanka recently asked China to provide “concessional” terms for its exports to Sri Lanka and restructure debt. However, China won’t listen (mostly), and they’ll let Sri Lanka fall apart. Similarly, almost all Central Asian countries will see the economy collapsing and food prices skyrocketing, further exposing China’s sinister plans.

Africa will suffer more coups and civil wars in 2022

South Sudan, Libya, the Central African Republic, Ethiopia, Northern Mozambique, and Cameroon’s north-west and south-west regions are six African conflict cradles to watch in 2022. Sadly, once a peaceful array of different faiths that loved and respected each other, Africa will see Abrahmics fighting to the death with the fight for religious supremacy and deepening societal divides omnipresent. What began in Cameroon as protests over poor governance and marginalization have turned into a deadly insurgency, and 2022 will see more lives lost and innocent civilians getting displaced.

Vladimir Putin Will unleash hell on Ukraine backers.

Russia has already amassed troops to the north, east, and south of Ukraine. The United States has revealed intelligence showing that Russia’s military has a war plan anticipating an invasion with 175,000 troops that Ukraine’s military cannot stop. Putin, in 2022, will unleash hell on Ukraine backers & different online narratives will be shared in order to undermine NATO. Will Russia finally tame Youtube? 2022 will have the answers for the same.

India will lead the world in Green Economy

India’s transition to a green economy could contribute more than $1 trillion in economic impact by 2030 and create over 50 million jobs, stated a report by the World Economic Forum. In 2022, India will see a rapid rise in electric cars, an increased share of renewable energy (RE), better natural resource management, sustainable agriculture practices, and structural changes within the industry and infrastructure sector.

3D-printed houses and Metaverse

Houses that are designed and built using construction technologies that use the 3D printing method are known as 3D printed homes. 3D printed homes are faster to make and are superior to the traditionally constructed structures in many ways. 2022 will finally see this technology being available to the masses.

2022 is the Year of the 3D CMS in Metaverse. 3D CMS represents a category of next-generation content management systems that will be geared towards enabling the maintenance, creation, and modification of augmented, virtual, and other immersive content. New metaverse experiences will define 2022 and beyond.

2022 will not be a good year for Latin America

Economic depression and political polarization had engulfed Latin America in 2021. However, 2022 is going to be harder for the region, with the radical left taking over different nations in the area. Historically, the left has been a disaster for the economy & during the economic slowdown season fueled by COVID-19 restrictions, things are not looking good for Latin America. Recently, Peru elected a political novice who ran under the banner of a hard-left political party headed by a Marxist. Similarly, other nations in Latin America have been hit by the red wave & this ensures economic doom.

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