Try Again


My eyes fluttered and opened.
I looked dazedly into the eyes of those energies; gradually,
I tried to find my senses with fear and desire
I stared at those three sparkling eyes,
losing my core inside the depth of the ocean,
that smile, but all of a sudden, I stumbled floating.

Are you okay? ‘ those energies asked worriedly,
their forehead creasing adorably
with solicitude and compassion

I nodded, taking the time to see the surrounding.
I was in the midst of an endless ocean,
submerged for days,
yet I could think, talk to myself.

Slowly, the energies took a familiar shape
A lady with ten arms, each holding a
conch, discuss,
lotus, sword, bow with an arrow,
Trishul, mace, thunderbolt,
snake and flame

It is Maa Durga

“Your work is incomplete.
Try Again.”
Maa Durga mumbled
as I froze in confusion,
trying to seek clarity.

the energy quickly changed form,
an ogress Long Tongue
multiple arms, a girdle of human arms,
a necklace of decapitated heads,
and a decapitated head
in one hand

It is Maa kali

I choked, and I fainted
there’s an unfamiliar stillness before
the buoyancy of the ocean woke me up,
regaining consciousness, I looked around
I was submerged no more

Tears strangled me as I heard
people celebrating in a hospital,
I looked around; there were scores of humans
I was born again, a baby
Crying as my memories fade,
Dying dreams, becoming a dream come true
Submerged in past life out of self-will.
Send back to live, to try again.

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