Top 5 classic engagement rings in London

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Two souls when decide to get bonded together, they officially declare it by exchanging rings and get engaged forever. In Roman custom, the wives used to wear rings attached to small keys that symbolized their husband’s ownership. Such rings indicate the to-be married status of a person. The engagement ring symbolizes the dedication, love and commitment shared between them would be a couple. This special day marks the beginning of a new journey on which the couple embarks, though from different directions choose to lead on the same path together for their beautiful family life.

The engagement ring stands as a symbol representing love and companionship of marriage, adorned by the couples for their lifetime and connects the hearts reminding them of the sweetness of their relation. This special ring carries special emotion, with a special message for the special person of one’s life. So to pick the best for your partner, check for the finest styles available.

To dig out the right ring to pop the question can be disquieting. Hatton Garden, in the London market, is the right place for the right pick.  The Classic options available are

  1. DIAMOND SOLITAIRE- The ideal choice of all is the solitaire. Though with time fashion trend changes, the glamour fades, it’s not the same with this gemstone. It was the preferred option before, is in the present and would be the same in future too. The simple classic, timeless designs emphasize completely on the diamond and nothing can brush off from its beauty, no matter whatever the cut might be it remains timeless and classic.
  2. HALO SETTING- In this setting small brilliant round cut diamonds are set around the center stone to magnify the appearance by boosting dazzling scintillation. This setting gives a bigger look to the center stone. Plain shank, split shank, pave halo and double halo are the chic designs available in this shimmery setting.  The timeless Classic engagement rings Hatton garden that comes up with has an overwhelming demand in London.
  3. SHOULDER FIT- This classic elegant pattern usually has smaller diamonds in the upper field of the band. There can be around 50 or more than fifty small-sized diamonds one on each side on the shoulder where the ring band meets the main setting. The tiny buoyant sparklers provide a magnificent appeal to the ring.
  4. THE VINTAGE STYLE- A vintage engagement ring has a fusion of decorative, traditional and contemporary mesmerizing craftsmanship fostering romance, fashion, the glamour of the past. They are available in many forms like prong settings, studs enhancing selected bands. This selection reflects the customer’s love for the traditional look by valuing the present trend.
  5. Trilogy- This provides an opportunity to be the designers of your bespoke engagement rings by customizing the finger band, where the combination of 3 stones matching the carat weight steals the look. Even Lab grown diamonds UK is used for cheaper options.

Classic designs of the diamond engagement ring are a better way to proclaim the best emotion, suppressed to be expressed on a special day for your special one with whom you decide to tie the knot for a lifetime.

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