The Best Digital Marketing Strategies to Get Ahead With Your Business

The world of digital marketing is incredibly competitive, with every business competing feverishly for ad space that will get views and clicks for their brand.  This can make digital marketing seem like an inscrutable monolith for new or even experienced business owners, with many of them trying every tactic under the sun to get ahead of the competition.

Digital marketing doesn’t need to be so intimidating, however: there are a few tried and true strategies that can help any business out quickly and efficiently.  Everyone has niche ideas about how to get ahead in this world, but most of these strategies will only incrementally help your business.  You need the real stuff first, the plans that really have a huge effect on your business’ success.  So, instead of getting bogged down in trying to gain incremental edges in the digital marketing world, focus in on these methods to really improve your business’ returns on digital ads:

Posting on Social Media

One of the most obvious ways to keep your business in the minds of potential customers is to post on social media regularly.  A lot of marketing these days is about growing your engagement, getting people to interact with your company’s content without necessarily buying immediately.  Engagement is all about building trust with your audience and familiarizing them with you and what you do; this leads to long-term customers down the line, which is great for any company.  Growing your brand is about more than just posting indiscriminately, though; you have to find your specific voice in your content so that people see your brand as consistent and personal, and not just a factory for basic advertisements.  Creating content for social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest can be a huge boon for your business if you go in with a plan and stay consistent.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a popular buzzword in online spaces right now, and with good reason.  Well done SEO can completely change the game for a business, giving it a huge leg up on its competitors.  Detroit Internet Marketing, an SEO agency in Detroit, says “SEO techniques guarantee higher search engine rankings, driving your lead conversion rates through the roof.”  Basically, if you manage to use SEO well, any time someone searches for a company that does what yours does, they’ll find you first.  Sounds like a dream come true, right?  SEO is like invisible marketing for your company: it makes search engines do the advertising for you by using specific techniques to convince their algorithms that your company will do the best job for whatever task you optimize for.  Just remember to have a specific goal in mind before you dive blindly into SEO; it only truly works if you stay specific and focused on what your company can do better than any other.

Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising is the use of artificial intelligence software to buy, sell, and schedule digital advertisements.  Basically, your business tells an AI how many ad spaces you want to buy and for how much, and it takes care of the scheduling and display of each individual ad.  The great thing about this strategy is that it saves a ton of time and labor from traditional strategies: historically, you would have had to pay someone to spend hours contacting websites with ad space to try and negotiate for your ad to be displayed.  You may have even had to do this yourself!  But the AI takes care of this process now, and it does it so efficiently and quickly that you’ll wonder why this technology is just now starting to gain traction in the advertising world.  Once you have your ad ready to go, reaching out to one of the agencies that hosts these AI is a great way to save your business time while growing its customer base.


Digital advertising is an expansive world full of micro and macro strategies that can help your business in a variety of ways; while it can be intimidating at first to newcomers, there are so many tactics and options available that over time, you will get used to marketing online.  It’s best to start somewhere where your effort can have a relatively immediate impact, like on social media, where a clear and well-executed strategy can lead your brand to have far greater engagement rather quickly.  Using SEO strategies to get to the top of the search engine results heap is a great idea as well, as you’ll wind up with a leg up on your direct competitors.  Finally, you can use the exciting new technology behind programmatic advertising to spread your message far and wide with minimal effort on your part.  The best part about all this?  Once you get the ball rolling, it will continue without you pushing it too hard, allowing you to worry less about reaching people and more about creating the products and services that you think the world needs.

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