Short Videos; Internet way of Storytelling

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Let’s start by talking about the 80s or 90s television content, there were so many similarities in the content we consume today via mobile and other electronic devices and the content in the 90s. The visual content available in the 90s was majorly served through televisions. 

An unpolished content with minimal color grading, 90s television shows had that simple and unmatured style of expression with naturalistic audios, the content was served daily and frequently on the television just like today’s independent creators are doing.

Today, an independent creator experiment with his work and try to bring out creative efficiency in his work. Something similar can be observed with the late 90s television shows; where creators started experimenting with their work, adding a cheeky cliffhanger in the stories and then asking for likes, comments, and shares at the end.

The old television shows time is now long gone. There are no limits to information today, thousands of channels and independent creators are working to serve something new, something different to the consumers.

Internet is flooded with content today, Every creator has his way of content expression. People often don’t use very heavy intros or heavy editing to present their work now. There also come some old ways of expression but every medium has its challenges.

Internet creators are not just competing between themselves unlike T.V. shows compete for ratings, creators are putting content on the internet because consumers are also competing with their friends and family and this particular distinction completely change the style and format of internet content.

Now, when you think about internet content, short videos are the first to pop up in your mind. Trends keep changing with time; sketch videos, tech videos, vlogs video, reaction videos, etc but short content has always dominated the market.

Informal introductions, using those small thematics and aesthetic choices make videos look authentic. Many Creators in the world can shoot their work on cinema cameras but still, they stick with that small budget and technological limitations because the viewers are consuming their content with those technological limitations and thus it gives that extreme realism and authenticity feeling to every consumer. 

This same informality is not just related to traditional Youtube content but is also popular in all other platforms and their respective short contents. 

A short video can easily be broken down into at least 3 forms with the help of a cinematic degree. First comes the question then its explanation and at last the conclusion. 

Whether a person just dancing in a video or explaining something it doesn’t matter. As the first beat drops, it builds expectations, the part where the creator speaks or dances with beats is the explanation part and with a drop concludes the video.

It is very similar to those catchy viral songs where it has a slow buildup followed by the melody and then a hook that connects the song with its starting part and this whole process keeps repeating in a loop. 

For example; a recent viral song ‘Kacha Badam’ also follows this, the song has its natural and informal appeal which made a strong buildup then comes the explanation part which was its catchy melody, and then comes its end hook. After a small remix, it became your viral song in the world of short videos.

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