Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 27th February– 6th March 2022

Love and Relationships

This week might let you socialise without even leaving your house. This week might be the perfect one to make commitments. You might proclaim your best qualities proudly, and everything might come your way. You might also get a special time with your partner if you are planning to get married. This week you might improve your understanding. Couples might expect good news regarding childbirth.


This week seems to be good for your health. You might improve your diet by opting only for home-cooked dishes. Your overall health might be benefited due to nutritious food intake. You might also get encouraged to quit your old habits and lose weight which may support your health. In the coming time, you might consider improving your focus.


You might get good news on your financial front. You might get over your financial hurdles soon. Some family-related expenses might strain your finances. You might bear the expenses of hefty medical bills that have recently flowed in. You don’t need to worry about these bills because they won’t last forever. It is advisable to not get into any kind of investment this week.


You might get good cooperation and support from your colleagues that might help your business to flourish. If you are working in the theatre or film industry, then your luck might favour you. This week might let you achieve all your professional targets. You might also get exciting projects this week, and this might get you appreciation. This is the time when you might use professional contacts.


This week might be tough for learning, and you might be distracted. It’s time to put in extra effort and prepare for the best. It seems that students preparing for debates or elocution might do well in preparations. This week you need to improve your focus. You might find a good mentor for your family if you are planning for any skill enhancement program.

The Week’s Overview

This week is all about past introspection. Talk to your friends and family, and they might support you in making the right decision. Improve your focus and get the desired result soon. Execute any business plan you are thinking of. You might need to take a loan to improve your future prospects. This might improve your earnings and shall even give you some confidence. Careerwise you can do well by taking small steps to make your path smooth.
This week is likely to remain fruitful for you. You may not have to go too far to socialise as your dream mate is just a click away. Be ready to mingle and spice up your love life to the next level. Don’t be afraid to proclaim your best qualities. People thinking of cementing their relationship with marriage may go ahead. Couples expecting a baby might hear good news.
Financially you need to sit and just relax. Good news is around the corner. Financial insecurities might go away. However, spending might be high, puncturing your wallet. Family-related expenses may stretch spendings. This may be in the form of medical bills, which is unavoidable. Just manage such expenses as this is temporary. Avoid getting yourself involved in any kind of investment this week.
This week you are likely to get support from your peers on the career front. Business people might see their business flourishing. People in the entertainment industry might get good opportunities in terms of growth. Some of you might see all your professional targets are met. Professional contacts may also come into your use, and you can kick off some exciting projects. Make sure that you appreciate this support.
However, learning wise a tough week is indicated. Distractions might make you lose focus. Extra effort is needed to prepare yourself. Prepare well to excel in debate or elocution competition. Students looking for skill enchantment programmes may find a good mentor for their family.
This week is likely to remain good for your health. People focusing on dietary control should concentrate on fresh and homemade foods. You may even consider adopting a strictly vegetarian diet, and suffering from any digestion problem might get resolved with a change in diet. Those planning to lose weight may find this time favourable and encouraging for them. Get off from a few of the old habits considering the long term benefits of it healthwise. Improvement in focus with respect to health might boost your immunity.

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