Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 13th February– 20th February 2022


Love and Relationships

This week might start with some arguments with your partner. Planetary transitions do not support your love life this week, and thus, you need to raise your compatibility to maintain peace. It is advisable to avoid unnecessary arguments and try to have a good time with each other. Your friends might also help you to sort it out. Singles might try their luck for the perfect one.


It is better to eat nutritious and fresh food to maintain good health. You might lead a stable life as far as your health is concerned. This week you might be free from all your physical and mental worries. Your immune system might support you, and you might recover well even if you catch a common cold or you fall ill.


This week might be stable for you in terms of finances, but it is better to avoid those who approach you for a loan, whether they are your family or friends. Lending can hamper both your savings and your relation with that person. Keep your documents in order. If you are planning for investments, do it, as it may yield good results.


Your career sector might surprise you this week. Someone had been watching your performance for so long as well as got impressed, and this might be the time for you to get rewarded. You might widen your horizons with the job offer you get this week. Students might find the best institutions for further studies. This week might bring hope for career opportunities in your life.


This week might turn out to be great for any kind of learning process, especially for those pursuing vocational learning and language skill courses. It is advisable not to lose any hope like everything that happens is a part of life. Your peers might support you if you are looking for a good apprentice. Good opportunities are waiting. Just stay patient.

The Week’s Overview

A balanced week ahead. So to get the desired level of success, you need to double your efforts initially. Once the dust settles, you might have smooth sailing. If you are planning to get into the right kind of friend circle, then this is the week. Friends might also allow you to settle down. Gains are welcomed, but they should not tempt you. Young couples might do well to express themselves and lead a happy week that was non-existent in past times. A long journey might keep you busy.
Relationship wise, there might be ups and downs with your partners and likely arguments. Planetary and cosmic movements are weak, and this might reflect in your relationship. So stay grounded and be smart enough to raise the compatibility level to maintain peace. Avoid any kind of unnecessary arguments and spend quality time with your partner. One of your friends may act as a peacemaker between you too. Singles should continue with their partner search.
A stable financial week is indicated. However, avoid loaning money to anyone, including your friends and family, as this may spoil the balance between your savings and relationships. Try your diplomatic nature to come out of this tricky situation. Also, avoid extending credit to anyone in business. Documentation should be tight to prevent losses. Scorpio, it’s a good time to invest in getting the desired results.
You might be in for a surprise in the career sector. It is very much likely that a third eye was observing your performance and was impressed. You might get a job offer out of the blue in a related field. Grab this opportunity to widen your horizons. Planning to change your job, then this week is perfect. Also, students should start choosing the institute of their choice for further studies. Get the best of your career achievements this week.
Learning wise week is likely to remain good, especially for those who are planning to pursue any vocational training related to your learning. This week is good for developing your language skills. If you are looking for an apprentice job, you might find support from friends and peers. Be in the right circle to get a good opportunity. However, be patient in case of any delay.
After a long time, the health graph is in green. Have a healthy diet to remain fit and fine. There might be no such mental and physical worries you may have to go through. You might have a fine state of health during this week. However, you are still prone to a common cold and sore throat. With an improved immune system, you might recover fast if you happen to fall ill.

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