Samsung unveils new Bespoke products, premium Infinite line

(IANS) Samsung Electronics on Thursday released new Bespoke home appliances and the premium line-up of Infinite as part of efforts to expand its competitiveness in the high-end home appliances market.

The tech giant said its new home devices, 24 in total, come with enhanced artificial intelligence features that boost seamless connectivity with each other for better user experiences.

Samsung has been expanding its Bespoke lineup since it first introduced the new category of refrigerators in August 2019 that allowed users to set up their kitchens in a customized style, much like built-in appliances.

For the new Bespoke products, the company introduced the built-in software solution of SmartThings Home Life that enables users to more easily control the devices and makes everyday chores, like laundry or cooking, easier by providing useful and timely tips and information.

“We concluded that there are six household chore categories where we can help relieve pains for our users,” Yang Hye-soon, head of the customer experience team at Samsung’s digital appliances business, said during an online press conference.

“We developed the software so that the machines can detect various pain points automatically and make people’s lives easier,” she said.

Samsung also unveiled the premium line of Bespoke Infinite, which the company said will replace the company’s high-end built-in kitchen appliance line, Chef Collection, reports Yonhap news agency.

The Bespoke Infinite features a premium full suite of wall ovens, cooktops, dishwashers, a smart hood system and refrigerators, with “timeless” materials like stainless and ceramics that are both durable and stylish, according to the company.

“More than 80 percent of home appliance sales in South Korea last year came from the Bespoke products,” said Lee Jae-seung, president and head of the digital appliances business at Samsung.

“We have launched the Bespoke line in 51 countries so far, including key markets like the U.S. and Europe, and we’ve been working to increase the sales overseas and create a new paradigm (in consumer electronics),” he added, declining to disclose exact sales data.

Samsung said the software installed in its new products is upgradable and part of the hardware is also replaceable. The company said key parts come with a lifetime guarantee.

Samsung said it plans to expand the Bespoke lineup and continue to “launch new-category products that reflect changing consumer needs.”

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