Pisces Weekly Horoscope 21st February– 28th February 2022


Love and Relationships

Enjoy the Venus transit with exalted Mars. This week would prove to be the finest moment of your life in love and passion. You should spend quality time together if you are married and have communication issues. The marital communication gap may cause tension. Even some mental conflicts with a lover are also possible. If you are separated by responsibility, then you may miss your spouse.


You must be cautious with your health this week. Avoid lifting heavy things as they may cause muscular discomfort. Stars indicate you may experience headaches and eye discomfort, so be cautious while using a laptop or mobile for a long hour. And attempt to wear glass while travelling. Avoid excess use of electronic devices and start meditating for good health.


Be careful when making significant plan modifications, financial loss may occur, or the anticipated financial gain won’t arrive readily. Students may spend their time on research-related things. Sudden disagreement or ego conflicts with the company partner may result in financial loss. Prioritising your spending can make you a responsible being. Your spouse may ask for financial assistance. Tax and loans may come to your rescue.


Communication and dedication would be vital in the workplace and in business. Some business-related trips might take place this week. Support from seniors is expected. Workplace luck and seniority will help you grow in your profession. Mercury and Mars might create alterations due to ego disputes with seniors. Saturn and Sun transits suggest you must alter your business plans for this week to maximise your financial benefit.


You may sidetrack from your study. Thus, you must be attentive about your work schedule and follow it diligently. The desired result may come with a slow success, thanks to your hard work and effort. If you are into a language learning course, success is probable. You may engage in learning a new subject. This week, you may also possess a deep biblical understanding.

The Week’s Overview

You might clear all your pending work this week. It is better not to get into new projects as this might result in stress. The Moon’s transit gives a clue that you need to give time to yourself and your health. You may join a yoga class or do some kind of meditation to rejuvenate yourself. You might get expected results in research work. You might face distance in your relationship due to the transit of Venus and Saturn. You might get what you expect due to the Mars transit, but you shouldn’t miss the expert advice before making big investments. Students might feel distracted, but hard work might bring success.
Married couples who are in the middle of divorce might face some challenges. Venus and Saturn might give distance in relation. It is better to be humble and not be aggressive over small things. If you are in some legal matter in a marriage relationship, you might get stressed. It is better to spend quality time with your spouse.
Don’t make any major changes in the plan as it might cause financial issues. The students might get financial expenditure on research-related projects. You might face financial loss due to ego clashes or disagreements with your business partner. Expenditure might include health-related matters. Your spouse might even ask for financial help from you. Travelling as well as Government related work might give financial expenditure. Your stars predict that tax and loan might give some relief this week.
This week might clear all your pending work. It is advisable to not get into new projects or work responsibilities as it might stress you. At the workplace, research work and analysis might help you to get expected results. Try to avoid arguments with the boss as it might lead to a stressful situation. Institutions related to yoga and meditation might get success in your business.
This week you might get distracted with your study. You need to make a schedule and follow your daily routine related to your school and assignments. You might get desired results, but only if you work hard. If you are a language or mass communication student, then this week is just for you. You might develop a deep knowledge related to scripture this week.
This week you need to be careful about your health. It is advisable to avoid lifting heavyweight as it might give you sudden muscle pain. Avoid the excess use of electronic gadgets. You should try to be in contact with nature so that your health may improve. It’s better to adopt a habit of morning and evening walks to improve your health.

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