Opening the Door to Smart Confidence


If you have grave weakness in your personality, for instance, the habit of losing your confidence, and you decide: “I must not feel underconfident again,” it is tough, but if, on the other hand, you tell yourself: “Confidence is something which spreads through the whole world, it is not in me, it belongs to everybody; it roams about here and there, and if I open my door, it will enter,” it is much easier.

If you think: “It is my personality, I am born with no confidence in me,” it becomes impossible to feel confident.

It is indeed true that there is something in your personality that stops you from feeling confident. However, all movements, all vibrations are unrestricted—they come, they go out, they move about—they randomly rush upon you and enter into you only to the extent you keep the door in you open. And if you have, besides, some relationship with these forces, you may find your confidence is growing without even knowing why. Everything is everywhere, and it is arbitrary to know when to keep your door open.

Don’t listen to self-limiting beliefs, Repeat a positive affirmation, Learn how to accept criticism, Practice Breathing Patterns, Wear something that makes you feel good, Be curious, Don’t compare yourself, and open the door to confidence.

Open the door to ‘smart’ confidence.

Smart confidence does not destroy hesitation entirely. It uses hesitation. It does not eliminate alternatives. Alternatives are there. It deliberately contemplates and reflects over all the alternatives as silently as humanly possible. Smartness never demands anything cruel.

This ‘smart’ confidence will help you decode your real history and ideology and make you a leader, not a blind follower. The lack of self-confidence is making people less curious & hence, most of us have accepted some manipulative pseudo-balanced narrations from our past – and both right and wrong have become delusions with reality waiting to be discovered by curious, confident minds. Your books limit you, and if you don’t open the door to self-confidence in discovering your roots, someone will come and pit you against yourself.

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