Mozilla announces new privacy features for its mobile, desktop VPN


(IANS) Mozilla, the firm behind the popular web browser Firefox, has started rolling out new updates to its mobile and desktop VPN offerings.

With VPN 2.7, the firm is adding one of Firefox’s popular add-ons, Multi-Account Containers, to the desktop platform and a multi-hop feature to the Android as well as iOS version of the VPN service.

“We are always looking for ways to offer privacy within our family of products and, after a successful rollout in English in November, we are combining one of our users’ favorite Firefox Add-ons, Multi-Account Containers, with Mozilla VPN, our fast and easy-to-use VPN service, to offer a unique, privacy solution that is only available in Firefox,” the company said.

Firefox’s Multi-Account Containers would allow users to separate different parts of their online activities.

The company says combining the add-on with Mozilla’s VPN adds an extra layer of protection to users’ compartmentalised browsing activity and also adds extra protection to their locational information.

The firm earlier launched a multi-hop feature on desktop that allows people to use two VPN servers instead of one VPN service and now it is rolling out on mobile.

The feature works by first routing online activity through an entry VPN server followed by an exit VPN server.

According to the brand, bringing this feature to the Android and iOS version of the VPN service gives users a little extra privacy when browsing.

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