Indian media believes that speaking for a lynched Hindu is islamophobia, but lauding Islamic laws in schools is secularism

In this democratic country which allows you to practice your dharma unapologetically and obviously constitutionally , you utilize your fundamental rights to celebrate your festivals and rituals without provoking any kind of chaos in the society. I want you to imagine yourself traversing through an area which is excessively dominated by Muslim population in a state of India, carrying an idol of Hindu goddess to immerse in a pond or river. All of a sudden, a sanguinary faction of radical terrorists surrounds you and begin to pounce on you, slashing your throat, and stabbing you brutally. And you fail to ponder the situation why it is happening with you by a community that is routinely depicted as a scared community by media and leaders. You die, unaware of the truth. And then media meekly names it communal violence, avoiding any kind of religious identity behind these murders, fearing the epithet ‘Islamophobia’. 

This has sadly happened in Jharkhand, where a 17 years old Hindu boy, who was going to attend the Saraswati Visharjan in Muslim dominating area, was brutally lynched by radical Muslims, in a country of Hindu majority. The media is not offended by this lynching, as lynching Hindus who are a majority in this country, is not worth becoming a news, because their focus is clearly on minority’s right to wear hijab in colleges, to lynch Hindus in their areas, and play victim card when necessary retaliation occurs from the other side. However, in this case, media is undoubtedly too shameless to even tell the names of murderers. 

In a span of few months, oodles of communal murders have happened. Kishan, a Hindu, father of 2 months old girl, who expressed his right and proudly said that Shri Krishna is the most powerful God in the world in a facebook post, which has instantly offended radical Islamists and consequently, a plan to murder him for a post despite an apology, was secretly contrived, and he was lynched by terrorists. A mosque which is supposed to be a sacred place, was bedaubed with shame, by perverting its piousness to plan a murder a Hindu by a Maulvi arrested by ATS. However, it is apparently a familiar scenario which Hindus must attentively observe. A lynched Hindu by radical Islamists drastically fails to make a national news, let alone international, as international and national media is more into a news of a beaten thief,  hijab in colleges, and a scared Muslim who enjoyed the parliamentary hospitality and privileges as vice president of India for a decade. Now, Indian Media has explicitly become a brothel of bigotry and discrimination against the majority in the country. The candor of journalists is evidently buried into extinction. That’s the reason why talking about these lynchings of Hindus is considered to be islamophic by them. 

The list of lynched Hindus who were murdered by Muslims, is implying the naked truth which seculars attempt to hide. And it is worth divulging so that Hindu community can closely watch and contemplate what they are going to face if they remain unaffected, and silent, opposing these incidents meekly. This is an alarming situation for Hindus as even constitution is noticeably failed to provide them protection to follow their Dharma without any orchestra of radical intolerance, yes, Kashmiri Pandits are an immortal memory of that constitutional fiasco. The media is almost dead, taking some breaths of hypocrisy and bigotry. This list of Hindus stabbed, shot, and lunched by Islamic fanatics, transpires that media, politicians, and actors who generally jump off their cozy couches to exhibit their obscure secular activism against Hindu majority, always choose silence over these lynchings, for their voices are on sale only for Muslims. No outrage of these people for Hindus has ever been recorded. It has always been Hindu community which collected all small amount of voices and made it soar up like a thunder without any help of media. From kamlesh tiwari to Lavanya, Kishan to Rakesh Pandey, all lynchings have unquestionably proved that Hindus stand for Hindus, while others just observe silence and try to squelch the voices against the religious killers. 

What is pretty disgusting and flummoxing in this country right now, is how hatefully left ecosystem along with their political masters besmirches Hindus with profuse profanity whenever they detect a Muslim in any incident. This fearlessness against Hinduism must be considered a perverted version of fundamental rights and secularism. Although, it is ironically limited to Hinduism, as other religions don’t entertain  pejoratives against their beliefs and never buy this secular execration of leftists. Which is why their vociferous throats are used only against Hindus, mostly over unnecessary topics. 

The inanity of leftists and politicians boldly tells us with the malfunction of their brains about their two versions of India. They juxtaposed Hindus with Muslim, tolerance with intolerance, and truth with heavy lies.  So here comes the unfiltered dose of reality; we are living in two Indias where Hindus are lynched but media doesn’t dare discuss and fearlessly name the killers. Where Hindus are blamed for intolerance in the country despite getting their faith mocked and snubbed routinely in the name of comedy and freedom of speech. We are living in two Indias where Muslims lynching Hindus in their dominating areas are never labeled communal and intolerant by media, but Hindus opposing hijabs only in the colleges are vilified by leaders and media. Where radical Islamists who planned to lynch a Hindu for a facebook post in a mosque, are seen just as killers, whereas Hindus who thrashed a thief who happened to be a Muslim, are painted Hindu terrorists. These are two Indias where cajolement of Muslims is called secularism, but standing for Hindus is known as communalism. 

This is new India where media is deeply entrenched in lies that they are uncontrollably uncomfortable with the sheer reality, subsequently they have already abandoned it. Where politicians are enamored of chaos in the country, where journalists are political pets of parties. Where Hindus are a majority, so they pander minority to lynch them and give them more opportunities to create ruckus in the country. This is new India, where development is not as important as mollycoddling radicals, where talking about lynched Hindus is utterly nonsense, but debating on why hijabs must be allowed in educational institutions, is taught to be progressive. This is unfortunately new India of leftists where opposing Hindu Veils and cultural attires is feminism, but ridiculously, hijab and burqa are believed to be an epitome of women empowerment. Irony is always dead when it comes to comprehending the insanity of feminists.

Now all the lobbies are passionately making strenuous efforts to disparage Hinduism and laud radicals for orchestrating their unbridled hatred for Hindus specially on Hindu festivals. It’s quite elusive that in this parlous state why Hindus don’t outrage as intensely as leftists and Anti Hindu elements in media, politics and art do against Hindus to cosset radicals for their protection and earning. Hindus must be prepared for such incidents, and never buy the lies of media, only outraging loudly and fighting back doubtlessly will be real justice for all the Hindus who sacrificed their lives for the Dharma after being brutally lynched by Muslims. Including, recently murdered 17 years old Hindu boy Rakesh Pandey who wasn’t aware of the truth that his life was at risk in a Muslim dominating area. And what’s more shameful for us, is that area wasn’t in Pakistan, but in India. Still, being a majority in the country, Hindus are sadly not safe in a particular area which has dense Muslim population. I believe this can’t be easily digested that Muslims don’t allow any Hindu procession in their areas even in this democratic and secular country which is claimed by Muslims and leftists. The truth is, India is secular only to whitewash communal duress against Hindus and restrain them from taking any stand against these provocative incidents. 

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