How Wolves Found Worshippers—The Love for Wolves Portrayed Through Art

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The wolves aren’t just some common animals; for some people, they are THE LORD!

In our lives, the feeling of freedom, indeed, is fleeting. The constant struggles, traumas, and depression have made it tough to stay hopeful. Amidst these challenges, one has to look around for hope and validation to maintain their sanity. For survival, positivity is essential, and unfortunately, the source of this positivity is not usually humans. Considering this harsh reality, many people find their peace and approval in animals—called the spirit animals!

Finding peace in beings other than humans may seem non-sensical, but nothing else makes sense once you are at it.

One of the most prominent spirit animals is wolves. The loyal, witty, playful, and noble epitome of freedom, wolves, have to be one of the best creations of God. Over the period, the relation between wolves and humans has been portrayed through art, movies, songs, and books. Many painters made wolves a subject of their paintings, while writers channeled their inspiration through books. And, the media industry made sure to promote positivity and love for wolves through music and movies.

No matter how much we deny it, social media, the music industry, film production, and the community of writers have a significant impact on our lives. People who know the reality of wolves have built a protection bond with them. Unfortunately, the insensitive nature of humans has led these animals to be mistreated and victimized.

Nobody in this world is as harmful as human beings. But we are not ready to have a conversation.

From the beginning, we follow what we are taught. Nobody tries to go the extra mile and find out the actual truth. For half of the world, wolves are dangerous and pathetic beings, but in reality, that is not so—for wolves are far better than us humans. They have a sense of loyalty, passion, love, and care. Almost half of the things we believe about these playful beings are nothing but lies and made-up stories. Here are some of the myths about wolves busted!

Myths About Wolves Busted

“Until the lion learns to speak, every story will glorify the hunter.”

Surprisingly, all the lies and myths that humans believe in are created by humans themselves. We never try to know the other side of the story. Take a deep look at the things that you are told about the wolves. Their lifestyle, living, and eating habits—trust us on this, half of those are lies.

Playful and Intelligent

Cunning—just a mean word to portray another living being’s solid instincts and brainpower. Wolves are told to be slick and clever animals. But as stated with the use of most appropriate words, wolves are intelligent. They are not always planning to harm someone, kill another animal, or destroy the balance of the wilderness. If we treat them with respect, wolves can help us build strong values in life. These intelligent animals are often referred to as cunning just so that humans can feel more privileged and less complex.

Caring and Loyal

Wolves are said to be the epitome of loyalty. Their life revolves within their pack. Unlike humans, family life means the whole world to wolves. Even for a single second, they cannot think of turning their back on their pack. They fight, play, stand, and move forward together. If anybody wants to learn the true meaning of family love, care, and life, they must go and live with a pack of wolves for some time.

Teamwork and Passion

These animals do not know what it is like to let your family member down. They live together, literally. For wolves, teamwork is their driving force. Nothing drives them better than their family. Even after [1] the hunt, they feast together. They teach the young ones, and they help the injured. They stand up with the weak and follow the strongest, the alpha. For wolves, everything that happens, be it good or bad, happens within the pack.

Sense of Freedom and Noble Traits

The biggest reason most people build a bond of protection and love with wolves is their noble traits and the sense of freedom that wolves possess. Wolves know that they are not born for slavery, and they make sure that the world knows that too. From the beginning, the relationship between wolves and mankind has been strong. They have held an esteemed position in many traditions and cultures. But, even when they are under the control of others, they make sure that they are not fully controlled. The passion of this animal drives a lot of people throughout their lives. Wolves are adored and admired because of their nature to never let go and sense of freedom.

Wolves Portrayal Through Art

A lot of movies, TV series, books, and drawings have portrayed the positive image of wolves through art. A few of the most prominent ones are discussed below;


Many composers and singers released songs that shed light on the importance of wolves and how these animals are genuine companions.

Wolf Among Wolves by Bonnie “Prince” Billy

In this song, the lyricist and the singer have beautifully described the struggles of a relationship between a wolf and his lover. The lyrics:

Why can’t I be loved as what I am

A wolf among wolves, and not as a man among men!

The beauty of this song is that it showcases a positive image of wolves. It shows that wolves can be loved the same as men and dogs. Why can’t we kiss wolves goodnight just like we do our dogs or lover? This song shows that wolves deserve love, too.

Furr by Blitzen Tapper

In the song Furr, the band Blitzen has very creatively depicted the relationship between a wolf and a human being. They have fictionally sung that how beautifully wolves let them into the pack, and now since they are a part of the pack, nothing is the same. Their instincts have become stronger, and their obedience to God has increased. This song truly shows that wolves are a huge gift to mankind if loved and treated with care. The most loved lines of this song are;

But I was drawn into the pack, and before long

They allowed me to join in and sing their song

Wolves by Selena Gomez ft. Marshmello

Released in 2017, the song took over the internet. Instead of focusing on the main point, people started gossiping about Selena’s rumored love life. And, once again, the wolves were ignored. In this song, the singer has very uniquely described a relation between humans and wolves. She has portrayed that she roams around with wolves and cries with them when in pain. For her, wolves are the loyal companions that help her find peace. The song has a very special place in every wolf lover’s heart, especially the lyrics that say;

I’ve been running through the jungle

I’ve been crying with the wolves

To get to you!

Here Come the Wolves by Lola Blanc

This song is a story of how a creature fights back against its predators. In this song, the singer has chosen wolves as they are the most feared animals out there. But, instead of portraying the wolves negatively, she has shown how empowered one feels when one is ready to fight back. She has portrayed how acting like wolves makes a person or any other animal feel powerful once in a while. The lyrics of this song:

You can run

Run little lamb

And it’s not

Not who I am

Guess I am a wolf now

Movie and TV Shows

Over the period, movies and TV series have created a great impact on the minds of people. Here are some of those most prominent series or movies that have shown wolves as a positive character.

Game of Thrones Released in 2011

Right after the release date, Game of Thrones took over the internet. From season 1 to season 8, the show created hype, and according to the fans, it was worth it. The mention of this show is mandatory because it helped create a positive image of wolves in young minds. The most prominent family, the Starks, had a wolf right after their birth. Each kid raised their own wolf and had the same significant instinct as them. In this show, wolves were portrayed as the spirit animals of the Stark family, and people started admiring wolves even more!

White Fang released in 1876

The story features a young boy, Jack, who comes to Alaska in search of a gold mine. During his search of the gold mine, Jack finds a wolf, a white fang, whose owner poorly treated it. After seeing the cruelty and mistreatment of the wolf, he rescued white fang and brought him back to his actual state. After getting love and attention, White Fang became Jack’s best companion. This movie helps show a very positive image of wolves.

You—Season 2

Often cringed at, but in season 2, when Love Quinn and Joe Goldberg say “I wolf you,” instead of “I love you,” showed that how wolves can also be a symbol of a relationship– the ones that go through ups and downs but stay steady and strong, just like wolves.


In many books, writers portrayed a happy and caring relationship between wolves and humans.

926 Raindrops—Gift of the Wild by Gloria Straube

In this book, the writer Gloria has very beautifully described the life of a wolf. And how passionate they are about their pack. She has depicted the story of a girl who builds a bond of protection for wolves. Throughout the story, the writer has significantly told how wolves are better than what we think of them.

Wrapping It Up

Instead of showcasing the worst, we must always show the positive and the best side of every story. The world is already filled with too much negativity; let’s not spread more. Because maybe when life hits us, we end up crying with the wolves—the best companions!


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