“Hijab can be a choice, but not a part of uniform in colleges”, said no sane feminist.

person in black hijab and teal scarf
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Amidst the remonstration against the forced conversions taking place in Christian schools where a Hindu girl named Lavanya was humiliated for not changing her religion by the school staff, a fresh furore has emerged in Karnataka, where Muslims girls wearing hijabs were barred from entering college as it has violated the dress code. Consequently, the outrage was speedily created  by all those hidden lobbies which were missing in Lavanya case, vociferating against the govt for allegedly attempting to deter Muslims from following their faith even in class rooms. Moreover, it quickly became an international news, surprised? Yeah, anything pertaining to Muslim faith, immediately becomes an international news by left wing faction specially in India as it is a perennial source of their income and expenses. 

As soon as all the cluttering mouths of media sharpened their pens and lubricated their throats to yell, the Hindu students in colleges where Muslims girls wearing hijabs with a privileged label ‘It’s my choice’ emblazoned on their black hijabs, also expressed their dissent against Muslims girls by donning the saffron shawls. This silent protest has noticeably offended the secular feminists whose tongues are beloved by hypocrisy, and incessantly denigrate Hindu faith in order to embed the illusion that makes them think they are progressive, if they partially attack Hindu culture, labelling it patriarchal and promote Islamic patriarchy which is a nicely decorated attire of oppression. The saffron shawls on Hindus are not acceptable in the colleges as it is a glimpse of communalism, obviously as per the illogical logics of liberals and feminists, but ‘Hijab’ which is being hurled off by Muslim women in other countries, is now presented as a beautiful form of choice for Muslim girls by the feminists. And the irony is, this malarkey is being lauded and spread by those Muslims and non Muslim feminists who never stepped into this attire, or felt suffocation that resides underneath.

Just after the advent of saffron shawl against hijab, the news had now reached all ears, and is being repeatedly debated. Therefore, now the court will decide what is good for the future of education system without violating the rights of students who want no religious audacity in the name of education. However, this matter is purposefully being travestied unabated by the left wing  in order to politicize it and paint it religiously, subsequently enticing a radical ruckus in the country. This prevalence of left wing and anti- Bjp media is not new. However, like usual, it is apparently not avoidable since it is undeniably dangerous. Surprisingly, it could be a latent agenda to clinch the outrage from Lavanya case, so the case will dissipate soon, or radicalism is a new crush of liberalism, feminism and secularism. Which is why feminists who holler at anything that can be easily painted misogynistic, are adoringly raising their voices against the colleges not willing to allow hijabs. And within a couple of days, New hacky tagline is coined on social media, describing hijab as a choice by feminists who, on the contrary, get offended if one asks them to wear enough clothes to even hide private parts. Irony is paralyzed when it questions this lame feminism. 

If hijabs is a choice, and a fundamental right of Muslims girls to follow their religion everywhere, why isn’t Hindus allowed to wear saffron shawl or any religious attire in the colleges? They too have the same fundamental right to follow their dharma everywhere. However, Hindus never questioned the dress code as entire Hindu community follows the constitutional system which emphasizes a proper uniform. And evidently, it neither violates any fundamental right nor snubs any religion if it strictly prohibits religious things in the college. This simple and laconic explanation is really too obscure for leftists and their abetted religious faction of Muslims to comprehend it. Dress code is simply what makes a student only student, not a Muslim, or Hindu, that’s why religious identity isn’t kept on the uniform. Furthermore, An educational institution where every student is treated and taught impartially, is now being a religious arena. As a community believes that school uniform is against their religion, hindering their right to follow their religion. In fact, it has fairly nothing to do with any religion as dress code is deigned and implemented as per the rules which is certainly for keeping any kind of religious conflicts out of the college premises and plant a seed of cohesion among communities. 

Here is something which must not go unnoticed, it is selective outrage by self claimed progressive seculars, liberals and feminists who were observing piercing silence over Lavanya, are now screaming for the hijabs. It unmistakably proves the fact that a dead Hindu makes no news, but a hijab girl not being allowed in college can make Indian journalists quiver with horror. Feminists who shout to claim their activism, didn’t speak for the girl who was smothered by forced conversion, liberals who yell for everything happening in India, even if an ant sits on a Muslim’s cap, they abruptly get appalled, seculars who generally feel terrified for secularism in India, when they see vast Hindu God’s statues in a city. No tongue for Lavanya was alive, until hijab resuscitated them for protests and dismember all the efforts of govts to establish harmony in the country. 

The logics of leftists are as lame as a wounded piglet. They strongly believe that secularism is allowing hijab in schools, but saffron Shawl shouldn’t be allowed as it is quite dangerous for Indian secularism which I think, is a corpse of hypocrisy and figments, let alone the use of Bharat Mata’s picture, goddess Saraswati idol in the colleges. For, it offends their secularism. This modern way of cajoling non Hindus is fervently being admired by such lobbies which is why now they are shamelessly supporting the oppression which is intended to squelch the rights of Muslims women, and beguile them into believing that it is something for them to flaunt and be proud of. 

Hypocrisy giggles when this type of feminism goes limp in front of radicals, and sanity guffaws unstoppably when feminists comply with the real radical misogynists. They tell us passionately why Hindu women must abandon all the ornaments which they deem a form of patriarchy, and embrace the fresh air which is hampered by those ornaments, and clothes, contrarily, they end up bowing down to Islamists and elucidate the need of burqa, hijabs and other Islamic clothes with full enthusiasm like it is happening in this hijab case. However, they hardly understand how they are jeopardizing the future of those girls who are in a country where they can roam around freely without any kind of danger on the streets even if they don’t wear hijab, or have a male with them. Besides, they can study and acquire anything in this country. It is still a dream of women in Afghanistan and other Islamic countries where hijab and burqa are the only savior of them. However, in India, they are being blinded by sheer absurdity of left wing lobby by intertwining this with the pride of religion. 

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