Gemini Weekly Horoscope 21st February– 28th February 2022


Love and Relationships

You are advised to avoid secret relationships, be demanding, over expecting, get into arguments or have ego clashes as they might break your marriage. The key is giving space, understanding, accepting each other’s weaknesses, and taking the initiative to fight out the difficult times with love and maturity. Children play an important role. The birth of a baby or sharing a special moment may deepen the intimacy.


Avoiding junk food, taking care of eyes and teeth, and a regular checkup might help you maintain a healthy, stress-free week. And this stress might cause health issues. Pregnant ladies are recommended to attend regular checkups, not skip meals, and pay attention to emotional and physical health. Extreme caution is advised while driving. Elderly individuals may experience a flare-up of chronic issues.


This is a rewarding time careerwise, especially for freelancers and self-employed. Individuals seeking a job may have success. Working in arts, beauty, or fashion design may give you success, but not satisfaction. Planning your work to avoid extra burdens would be crucial. Avoid heated arguments or violence at work to avoid stress. You may have additional responsibilities at work, and a meeting with top officials might happen.


Controlling aggression and arguments against teachers might bring you confidence and good luck. Getting ready for difficult exams might agitate you. Self-analysis, positivity, and not getting affected by past performance is advised. With patience and analysis, you may see success. A short trip related to education may happen. Listening to your mother’s advice to study daily might be sensible. Self-study may give you desired results.

The Week’s Overview

Fun with family, Moody in Mind & Cheers to Career!
Awesome! Isn’t it? A week that comes with good news in career, fun time with family, little moodiness but tolerable, sounds like a great week, right. This week may provide a great time with family; all you have to do is control your aggression, children. The transit of Mars and Mercury might cause emotional fluctuations, which might impair your relationships with others. Avoid becoming aggressive when making a choice or communicating with your siblings. As it says, “ No studies happen in Group studies “, so self-study seems better this week. This week is the time to feed your Inner competent Gemini.
Don’t make any decisions hastily. Marriage needs dedication, and because of your demanding or over-expecting nature, you may end up divorcing. Give your partner or spouse some space so that he or she feels at ease with you. There’s a good chance you’ll share the joy of a baby, which may strengthen your bond. You are going to spend some quality time with your partner, who is going to make the bond strong. However, some arguments may happen, so avoid getting into a debate.
There can be health-related expenses. You are likely to get a raise which may release a financial burden from you. Some loss of money due to disagreement with children. You’ll learn how to save little in the long run if you give to others, the money may be recovered. Not a good time in this period to take loans. This week they could give you education-related expenses. You are going to learn how to be a saver this week.
Your hard work may be a good time in the career of Jupiter and Sun transit and sudden recognition. This week may be the meeting of senior officials. You are going to have unplanned responsibility. Sudden arguments or becoming aggressive on the job is stressful. It is recommended that you work with a plan which gives you a certain relief from work. This week you could succeed if You’re looking for a job. But in your work, you may feel obliged to find a new job. There is a good chance of getting a gig if involved in freelancing.
This week, self-study may be a great success, and you may get the desired result. Try to be calm and not aggressive while talking to your mentor. This may increase your trust and luck. You are likely to succeed with your hard work and analysis of the exam. The student may also be able to travel within short distances for educational purposes. Follow your mother’s suggestion and be sincere at studies. Do not be confused when you prepare for the exam. It is advisable to stay calm to turn things in your favour.
The passage between Rahu and Ketu is not very favourable, so you should prevent junk food and care for your eyes and teeth. Old people could get sudden difficulties due to old or protracted diseases. Don’t rush to drive because you can suddenly be hit by passing through the planets. Individual stress can be associated with health problems. Older people may get sudden problems because of some old or prolonged diseases. If you are pregnant, do not drink and drive.

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