Gemini Weekly Horoscope 13th February– 20th February 2022

Love and Relationships

An unanticipated proposal might surprise you. There are changes of a distance relationship or a secret love involvement. Avoiding miscommunication, keeping your commitments, and allowing space for your partners is recommended for deepening the bonds in a relationship. Marital relations might be normal. Lovers are advised to spend some quality time before committing to a serious relationship. You might be perplexed about your relationship this week.


You are advised to remain positive and avoid family altercations to maintain good health as workload and family responsibilities can lead to a hectic schedule and stress. Children might face dental problems or some seasonal illnesses. There might be some sleep-related or nerve issues, so avoidance of overstraining is advised. Work on immunity and being cautious while travelling is recommended.


With the transit of Mars, you may inherit property from your family, but there may be some disagreement which might lead to legal expenditure. Practical decision-making in financial matters may yield high profits. Celebrations, sibling-related expenses, gifts for neighbours, higher study, and the foreign trip may all add up to unexpected costs this week. You might make a crucial decision regarding home loans this week.


There might be a promotion, change of location, or increment. There might be a heavy workload, which might prove stressful, but may be beneficial. Arguments with colleagues might cause stress, so you are advised to avoid ego conflicts. Work-related trips may be on the cards. Focusing on communication and work is recommended. If you work in mass communication or the press, you may get a new job.


Good time for students who are confident. PhD research projects may be successful. Digital platforms and online learning may be available. You may be interested in learning coding or another language. You might be successful in your higher education. Students’ focus might shift, hence recommended to avoid the wrong company. You may find success with your exams and admission to a foreign university.

The Week’s Overview

Finally, A week that a true Gemini would like, travelling and talking, YES!! This week comes with a lot of travelling and talking for you. Mars may strengthen your faith and confidence just so your hard work and research are expected to be successful. Meetings with lawyers may take place, but there may be no clues to the discussion from Mars and Mercury. Some of you can achieve good results in matters of property and could make a great profit. Think prudently about making any Investment this week.
Someone might be getting proposed this week. Communication may play an important role in strengthening your relationships. Try to live up to the promises of your spouse and space for your partner to make them feel free but bound. You are advised to spend a good time together this week and get to know each other better before you get involved. Possibilities for you to secret love affairs. In their marital life, you might have a communication gap. Singles may be bewildered by your partnership this week. And also not a really romantic week for a married couple.
There could be a small celebration and also sibling spendings this week. Some of you may get lucky to get property from your family with the movement of Mars, but disagreements can give you legal expenses. You might end spending on gifts to a neighbour, which in turn is going to cost you additional. There may be religious expenses. You can get higher learning expenses and travel internationally. This week, you are advised for a massive financial decision on home loans to be made, and you may well gain much from a practical decision on the financial issue.
A promotion with transfer looks possible this week. This week can be many short-haul journeys related to your job. Be cautious when emailing and keep all the information beforehand regarding the meetings and projects you are going to present this week. Ego clashes or other perspectives might give you stress and disagreement with coworkers. If you could avoid having ego conflicts with your supervisor, you may succeed in your work. If you work in mass communication or press-related, then your work environment might change—chances of getting new opportunities in the field of Social Media.
The student can get admission to a foreign university. You only need some good ideas and motivation for good training and examination. The transit of Mercury shows you might be inclined to learn coding or some other language on the digital platform and online learning. It is advisable to stay away from negative thinking. PhD projects related to the research may get cleared, which in turn gives success. Avoid a bad influence. School students may be unfocused in their studies. This week, overall, things may be good for the student.
The Sun’s transit shows you should avoid becoming aggressive and try to be in good health. Workload and family responsibility can be busy; it is advisable that you take care of yourself and spend some time treating yourself. A sudden argument from the family can cause stress-related health problems. You and your children may be sleeping uncomfortable this week which may affect their health.” Health comes First” should be Your Mantra for this week.

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