Freedom doesn’t taste good if a community is used to relishing the slavery of manhood blinded by their religion

Muslim devotees in Afghanistan's Herat offer prayers at the start of the Eid al-Fitr festival which marks the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, and coincides with a three-day truce between the Taliban and government

In this juncture, India is unfortunately witnessing a litany of  absurd events in the country, wading through unnecessary protests, and disruption in few sensitive areas. Currently, hijab is in the limelight, the same clothe which took millions of young lives in Islamic countries for defiance, the same clothe that made Taliban shoot Malala. It has its own horrible past and is still taking innocent lives who even can’t wipe their own tears. For those women floundering in radical beliefs, freedom to feel fresh air on their faces, and feel an exquisite sense of light, is however, a blurry dream. Moreover, a very few in the history could take a step against it, and evinced dauntlessly what women needed, however, almost all the voices had been silenced and tongues cut. 

The fight against hijab had been started in the 12th century during the epoch of slavery and unbridled and powerful manhood, when a woman, a daughter of a sultan, grasped the power of a flourishing sultanate under the powerful men who never deemed women useful except for conceiving children. It was Razia sultan who fought all the odds of that sick era when women were supposed to be sexual puppets of men. Her fight was albeit never-ending, but she defied what made her felt suffocated. She abandoned the Islamic attire, and proudly wore a man’s tunic and crown, demonstrating her face in the public and courtyard. This act of proud womanhood was sadly seen as an audacity against the society kept in the pajamas of men. That’s probably why, Indian history never saw another woman ruler during sultanate era. As Islamists were too finicky to see a woman flaunting her grace in simple clothes, but they were surprisingly too obsessed with devouring them in the Harem. Razia’s fight for freedom of every woman was hence stifled.

In this modern time, freedom is apparently an illusion for Muslim women whose eyes are muffled by a religious cover that is believed to be the Savior of their graceful womanhood, but in reality, it is a death pin, if removed, death sucks their blood. It has already been, and being proved in Iran, Afghanistan, and Syria where young girls are forcefully married to old men, and they behead them mercilessly just for the removal of burqa and hijab even for a short period of time. However, their screams are not heard by the international media as they are fully aware of the consequences if their feminist tongues utter anything against this particular religion. So silence is indeed their way of mourning or say ignoring. 

In India, hijab protests in colleges are currently a big news, as now Hindus students too have dabbled into this religious furore, believing that it is undoubtedly a fundamental right of all Indian citizens to follow their religion, if hijab is being prioritized in colleges by Muslims girls over education, then it is evidently a right for Hindus to carry their religious identity with themselves. Although, Hindus never created any religious chaos in the premises of colleges before, protesting against dress code. Now Indian media is offended as Saffron Shawl is involved in this protest against hijab in schools. 

The feminists who turn a blind eye to all the atrocities happening against women in Islamic countries like Afghanistan because of hijab, and other Islamic rules for women, are brazenly elated to elucidate the necessity of hijab, and telling it is a choice of Muslim girls, but they also know that it’s the only choice for them, but they choose to hide the truth under their blatant hypocrisy. 

Seeing Muslim girls shout for a right of being allowed in college with hijabs, is alarming, and saddening as well, although what is more terrible is, how those who have suffered the consequences and luckily evaded the ordeal, are now supporting these girls. Here, I talk about Malala, who was shot but fortuitously survived, for defying the orders of Taliban, and fought for her right of education, and talked about the suffocation Muslim women feel under burqas, and even named it an oven. However, she is now supporting this small oven as it dawned on her in these years, living in UK as a special guest, relishing all kinds of liberty and democratic rights, that Hijab is a pride of women, and it is a choice, the only one I guess, as she herself has seen the consequences. Furthermore, I believe that freedom is apparently indigestible and doesn’t taste good if a community is used to relishing the slavery of manhood blinded by their religion. That’s what is happening in this hijab case. Now the question is, If hijab is a choice, why are Afghan girls instantly beheaded when they choose to remove it? It is apparently true that hijab can really be a choice in a democratic country like India, not in Islamic countries. Recent murders of young married girls in Afghanistan unmistakably prove it. 

The sheer absurdity of fake feminism is, how cleverly feminists are defiant only against the community(Hindus) which reveres the womanhood. This is why knowing everything about this religious politics of hijabs in colleges, they have chosen to cajole Islamists. Despite the fact that hijabs are not banned anywhere in the country, only in colleges, still they are unabashedly polishing an illusion for Muslim girls that exudes a false sense of religious pride which radicals have injected in their minds which wheedles them to believe that this hijab is a priority not education, so that they can vanquish this fraternity too, and entrench the rules in the society which women can’t even think of defying, let alone fight them. 

Meanwhile, Indian politician Priyanka Vadra jumped into this matter, and stated that it is a choice of women, they can choose to wear anything, including bikini and etc. The inanity of her statement might be a reason why congress has reached its nadir. This lady has forgotten that Indian constitution has made a dress code to keep religion, politics out of the classroom. As soon as this matter has been politicized, the clamor in karnataka is catching attention of all vultures in media, and political parties to communalize it and gain something. 

The irony is, Hijab is a symbol of power for Indian feminists, it is really ridiculous to watch them call for justice as if hijab is worth becoming new dress code for Indian girls. This protest is truly a vivid glint of the fact which radicals know well that Freedom is like a sweet candy for women who don’t know how to savour it, utilizing it fully to achieve something, whereas it’s sour for those who are used to enjoying dominance in the name of faith, and delusional blessings which they think, come with such actions. Therefore, radicals in Islamic countries, powerfully snatch education from them and inject the fears for side-effects in their minds and bewilder them about freedom. 

There is not even an iota of sanity in this protest. As it is conspicuously throttling a years old fight for the freedom of Muslim women. The women who were beheaded, shot and burnt for standing against the hijabs and burqas in Islamic countries clinched by radicals, must be deploring this insanity happening in karnataka by hijab supporters in colleges, even those who are continually suffering under Taliban and other radical groups, must be pitying this rabble of young girls fighting for hijabs, because they are being tormented by what these girls are fighting for. Besides, they can’t even speak for education, fearing abduction and murder. 

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