Facebook Messenger rolls out ‘Split Payments’ feature in US


(IANS) Meta-owned Facebook Messenger has announced new features, including Split Payments on the platform for iOS and Android users in the US.

The company said it is also introducing voice message recording controls and a mode for sending disappearing messages.

“Split Payments is now available in the US on iOS and Android phones,” the company said in a blogpost.

“To use Split Payments, tap the + icon in a group chat and select the payments tab, then tap the Get started button,” it added.

From there users can split their bill evenly or customise the amount each person owes. Then, enter a personalised message, confirm your payment details, and send the request.

Friends who are new to payments in Messenger can easily add payment details to send and receive money.

The company said it is launching new voice message recording controls so users can pause, preview, delete, or continue recording a voice message before sending.

“We are increasing the duration of voice messages from one minute to 30 minutes,” the company said.

With Vanish Mode, messages disappear after they are seen. And if users can’t find the right words, they can also send disappearing memes, GIFs, stickers or reactions.

“To turn on Vanish mode, open an existing chat thread on your mobile device and swipe up. Swipe up again, and you’re back to your regular chat,” the company said.

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