Detroit Day Trip: 5 Things You Can Do in a Day

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Ask any travel junkie to show their list of favorite destinations for a day trip, and you find Detroit hitting the list for the majority. Filled with fun activities, exquisite restaurants, and rich art and culture, Detroit is a city that welcomes all of its visitors with open arms throughout the year.

Some places and activities can be bunched together and pursued in a day – but that does not make the city less exciting for travelers planning a long tour. You can visit Detroit with friends and family, and come for a solo trip as well. The city has a well-established transportation system. Parking service at the airport such as Valet Connections for DTW Parking makes it easy for you to simply park your car and rush out for the adventure – if required. 

Go on a Food Tour

Downtown Detroit is a heaven for food lovers. Whether you are planning to try the usual or explore something different, you will never be unhappy with the wide choice of bars and eateries Detroit has to offer. Astro Coffee is one of the most popular coffee places, alongside other bars and coffee places.

If you want to try a good meal, you can visit Roast or Central Kitchen + Bar. There are also places where you can get bakery items and brunch.

Whichever of these places you visit, you will always receive a warm welcome and a hearty meal. Even if you are on a day trip, you can visit at least three of these places for your meals.

Visit an Architectural Landmark

Detroit is well known for its collection of architectural landmarks. If you love to look at them, you can begin with visiting the Guardian Building, known as the Cathedral of Finance of Detroit. The skyscraper went through multiple remodelings and has a lavish exterior and interior that would soothe anyone with a taste for modern architecture.

Despite being an office building, One Campus Martius is a great place to enjoy some good architecture. If you’ve never seen an indoor waterfall, this might be your chance. The fourteen-floor waterfall with colored glass kites is one of a kind, making it a must-visit place in Detroit.

Shop at Eastern Market

Eastern Market is a full-on experience of art, culture, food, and unique products. If you want to stock up on fresh produce, come over to Eastern Market to find local farmers and farming projects selling their best products. Eastern Market also has activities such as cooking workshops and flower day. You can also check out the local art and murals and take bicycle rides throughout the market to experience the activities better.

Eastern Market also hosts various food and drink shops, so you can spend the whole day there without worrying about taking a meal break.

Visit a Museum

Detroit has quite a few popular museums. If you are interested in art, you can visit all of them in a day. You could begin by visiting the Detroit Institute of the Arts – the best cultural destination in the city. Some of the pieces are from as early as 1885 and have great historical value.

If you love music and history, the Motown Museum should be one of your top destinations. The tiny house might look disappointing initially, but it holds vast history inside. Originally a recording studio, Motown Museum contains years of displays, costumes, and musical instruments.

The Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit is another popular destination for contemporary art lovers. They hold exciting exhibitions and have gift shops you would love to check out.

Attend a Game

Detroit is well known for its participation in sports. Football, baseball, basketball, and hockey are popular sports in the city. Detroit has seen quite the success in them. Even if you don’t visit at peak season, you will certainly come across a sports event of any one of the four types mentioned above. Information about ticket availability and safety measures can be found on local tour or ticket-seller websites, where you can book a place for yourself at the stadium without any hassle.

If you have plans to visit a sporting venue, try Comerica Park. You can enjoy baseball games there and also try out their carousel and Ferris wheel while at it.

Detroit is a city filled with fun, food, and culture. It is perfect for both long and day trips that you can enjoy with friends and family. Even if you are planning to visit alone, Detroit can offer you enough safety to roam around as you will. However, you can also try to make friends while coming to this magical city for solo exploration.

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