Cosmetics For Young Mothers – A Quick Guide

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First of all, congratulations! Having a baby is said to rock your world, only many women find this to be not exclusively in the positive sense. When the climax of the moment has passed, you start assessing the effects – in a word, the aftermath. Don’t worry too much, though; with any luck, the evidence left on your body from giving birth will be minimal, and a few weeks of using special cosmetics will see you through.

The middle layer of our skin is the one that allows it to be elastic; however, if stretched for a long period of time, the fabric of this layer starts to tear in places and form scars, known as stretch marks. Not all women get them during or after pregnancy, but most of them do, depending on how well hydrated they kept, how much weight they gained and other more minor factors.

In the event that they do appear, and you turn to cosmetic help, first of all make sure you consult the doctor, because anything you apply may reflect on your baby, in the process of nursing (for example, any cream based on tretinoin should be avoided due to the lack of proper studies to this effect). A safer bet is to go for an organic product, highly moisturizing, based on natural ingredients such as cocoa butter, ivy, horsetail etc., rich in vitamins E and A and essential fatty oils. Gently massage this in problem areas, and soon the stretch marks will fade away. Furthermore, in order to help the rest of the skin stay healthy, any products you use on the skin (such as sun-block or cleansers) should not contain drying elements like alcohol or soap.

It is most important to realize that the pregnancy is an enhancer of all physical aspects. In the case of hair, during the carriage term, each individual hair on your head grows faster and longer, giving the impression of less falling hair; also, the hormone boost makes it look shinier and healthier.

After giving birth, all parameters just get back to their previous levels, giving what is often a false impression of accelerated hair loss. In any case, rather than simply waiting for things to feel normal again, you could try keeping the use of styling products and colorants to a minimum and washing your hair every other day with a mild shampoo, containing as few chemicals as possible.

Becoming a mother at a young age is, from the point of view of the effect on your body, the best scenario: the chances your skin and hair will recover with the help of hydrating, natural cosmetics is near maximum. So keep your hair on and enjoy this new stage of your life!

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