Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 6th February– 13th February 2022

Love and Relationships

Marriage is the next step for Capricorn natives who have been in a relationship for so long. It’s time to take matters in hand and make the most of it. Singles might finally get the answer they’ve been waiting for. The happiness and contentment would be mutual. Elders might be able to help with trouble in paradise. This fight would be out of ego, so avoid that.


Bringing in the right attitude is the agenda for this week. Natives searching for some tips and tricks for losing weight might find some. The fitness journey looks cool this week. A balanced diet and regular exercise would keep things under control. The timely medication would help you with any ailments that you have. Don’t take it leniently and improve your wellbeing.


Returns from foreign investments are on the cards this week. These profits can help you with your bank balance. It is advisable not to lend any money this week. The recovery of some would get strangulated. Financial dealings might not be as rewarding because of Saturn’s impact. Stay away from any kind of quick return scheme as it can be some sort of scam.


Are you planning to switch jobs, Capricorn? Sounds like a plan, do execute it. Opportunities are around the corner. You just have to look. Do negotiate your pay as per your skills and experience. Don’t go over or under the board, just how much you deserve. Invest in skill development this week. But remember to keep practising what you’ve learnt. Otherwise, it may get rusted. And we don’t want that.


Foreign University is calling you. You should go and pursue your dreams. It is advised to pay your fees beforehand so that you can save up the money you earn in that country. Learning new skills would give you an edge over your friends. But do take this learning seriously. Capricorn parents, it’s a proud moment for you as your children did very well.

The Week’s Overview

It is prudent to consider carefully before acting. This might prove to be a healthy week. Handling personal and professional life may be effortless. Married couples may have a fun-filled week with an outing and relaxing, bonding deeper. There might be a family celebration for auspicious occasions or children’s success. You are suggested to guide and support the youngsters. This week, a trip might be on the cards, and this adventure could be highly beneficial, so a vacation with loved ones might not be a bad idea. Business people may experience an upgrade in their work.
Marriage may be on the cards. You might have to handle relations skillfully. Many of you who have been trying to settle down in a mutual partnership may be glad this week. Singles seeking relationships may have a great time and could be satisfied with their status. Marital issues could be sorted with the help of elder members of the family. You are advised to handle your egos better for the smooth functioning of relations.
Investing in foreign exchange might yield some returns. You are advised to make a profit from it to boost your bank balance. This week, you are advised to avoid lending money as there might be recovery issues. Saturn’s influence may be strong now. Speculation may not be profitable in the future. You are advised to avoid any rapid return schemes to avoid getting scammed.
This week is wonderful for career changers. Some fresh opportunities may knock at your doors, allowing you some good options to choose from. You are advised to negotiate your pay scale based on your expertise and experience. This is a fine line to walk. The monthly earnings are likely to be at their peak. You may also think about upgrading your skills and implementing them quickly.
If you desire to study abroad, this is the right time to materialise your dream. A piece of advice for such students is to pay their fees in advance. This week is favourable for individuals looking to improve their talents. This might make you special in the current group of your friends, provided you take academics seriously. It could be a happy time for parents as children may excel in academic and other fields.
This week’s focus might be on giving up addiction. You may also like to expand your knowledge by teaching your students the proper mindset. This is the week to lose weight and improve fitness. You are advised to maintain a healthy diet and do regular exercise. This may help you enhance your fitness and overall health. A native with a mouth ulcer is advised to take it seriously and take proper medications to get a cure quickly.

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