Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 27th February– 6th March 2022


Love and Relationships

Love affair would be intense. Long romantic drives and movie dates are on the cards this week. This is the time to confess your love and commitment to the one you love. You can also expect the same from your lover. Your emotions would be respected. Further, married Capricorns, the week is good for celebrating your anniversary and getting your partner closer to you.


Staying out till late at night might not be the right idea this week, Capricorn. The support you might get this week can be the source of worry for you and snatch away your confidence. It is advised to postpone your travel plans or re-consider changing the destination as the stress you would have to travel for long can be minimised.


Counting your returns is a good method to check your finances, but being penny wise, pound foolish may not be the right approach. So, invest and expect the return that would suit your income requirements. Your returns would be high. Your mentor’s valuable projects would heBy managing your finances carefully, you’ll have confidence in yourself. Investing in real estate sounds good, so you should proceed with the same this week.


Overseas opportunities should not be missed, especially when given directly in your hands. Natives would also find a good partner that can expand your business to great heights. They would also bring in some capital which might be rewarding. Talking to your seniors can help you find something good this week. It was not immediately, but in the near future, you can find something suitable for yourself.


Good week for all forms of learning for Capricorn students. You would take part in some competition, and your partner would impress the judges, which can give you better results. This is when you would realise your true skill and potential, which has been hidden for a long time. This week might also show you how correct your decision was regarding education.

The Week’s Overview

This week your professional skills may be acknowledged. Students may be able to advance in their favourite disciplines. Teachers may be recognised for their achievements. Their commitment might also be acknowledged. This is a fantastic time to confess your love. You may have a strong chance for a positive response. Married couples may worry about each other and help each other with issues. A family celebration may be on the cards. The kids’ efforts may be acknowledged, and love and support from parents and teachers may help them keep doing the good work. Unemployed people may find work this week. It also depends on their demeanour, interview performance, and their presentation.
Romance may be in full swing this week. A long drive or other means of spending quality time may be on the card. Now is the ideal time to profess the importance of this relationship in your life. Your partner may reciprocate positively, valuing your emotions, leading to deeper intimacy between them. You may have a grand celebration of love, bond, and companionship if you have an anniversary now.
You are recommended to re-evaluate your investments and be smart to design them to custom fit your requirements. If you want to earn money, your investment returns may be sufficient. Earnings are vital, and you might have to make effective decisions. This week’s finances may boost your confidence. For natives desiring to invest in real estate, this is an ideal time to reap good profits.
If you desired a new career or wanted to work abroad, now is the time for this to happen. Natives seeking partners for business may be able to locate a good partner to join hands with and build a business in the future. They might also affect the growth of the cash inflow, which might be beneficial for the business. Consulting seniors for role change may prove to be a sensible thing, which might work in your favour, if not immediately, in the future.
This is a favourable time for all sects of students as far as absorbing and retaining information in your mind is concerned. Your participation in some competitive tasks may ultimately open your eyes to your hidden talents. Even if you’re not the show stopper, some events may make you realise your actual value. Group studies might happen. Your education might come in handy, and you might feel better equipped to make better decisions in the future.
If it is not urgent, you are recommended to avoid going out late at night, as you might feel remorse later. If you have to travel far, you are advised to plan properly to avoid the stress of travelling. You are also advised to think about safety as far as route and mode of transportation is concerned.

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