‘Brides of Quran’: a sordid custom in Pakistan that snatches the right to marry from the girls


In this modern time, while all the countries are making discernable efforts to smash the patriarchal cultures, and taboos in the societies in order to let women have all the rights to celebrate their freedom and get equal opportunities, Pakistan which is a safe home of patriarchal and evil customs, is clearly failed to squelch the roots of Haq Bakshish which literally means giving up one’s right to marry. Shocking? Yes it is a well known custom in Sindh where the young girls forced to accept that they aren’t eligible to marry a man. Like Bachha Bazi, this custom is also strictly banned, but still it remains actually unaffected. 

The girls are draped in sequined gowns, and the music like marriage ceremony completely pervades the houses. The lights, foods, and relatives, everything shines resembling a real wedding, but the girls fail to see a groom. They are mentally tormented by a statement of their families to believe that the Quran is their husbands. So they are mainly called the Brides of Quran. Eventually, they end up being kept confined in the houses by the family, and told to serve them and learn the Quran by heart, injecting a belief that it’s the only purpose of their lives. In some cases, the families generally treat the girls as slaves entitled to serve the men. Some women have given their statements somehow regarding this abominable custom to the humanitarians, which is why this shameless reality of Pakistan could come out of that latent abyss where the girls are dying everyday in some Islamic countries. Pakistan is unquestionably floundering around in such deplorable conditions.  

Today, the democracy  is certainly changing the countries to be a safe haven for all human beings irrespective of religion, gender, and borders, consequently the societies are learning to be more inclusive and denouncing patriarchy and other heinous crimes garbed as customs against women. In the meantime, such customs which allow men to treat women like objects and impose their sordid rituals on them for the sake of the beliefs they claim their religion teaches, whereas the religion has literally nothing to do with this flimflam. As per some reports, in Sindh province of Pakistan, mostly, the ‘Syed’ families believe in snatching the rights of marriage away from the girls, and coerce them religiously to marry the Quran on the pretext of keeping their blood pure by not letting their girls marry the men out of their community. Moreover, it is also believed that they do it intentionally to keep their properties safe. 

It’s utterly despicable, however it is happening in Pakistan unabated even at this juncture, when the world is witnessing the brilliance of the women and proffering them equal rights. Even thinking of these lewd customs can fill everyone with loathing. Although, the fight of women against these Islamic customs is soaring up, yet their voices are being forcibly muffled by the Islamists, and the media which is excessively too timid and scared to show the reality to the world. 

Take a minute and contemplate the plight of those girls who marry Quran and live like an injured lamb doing the chores all the time and craving to feel the sunshine on their skin as they are not allowed to cross the threshold of the house and live like a normal person. This Haq Bakshish custom not only chains the girls with an unconquerable Islamic belief, but also restrains them from living normally because it completely snatches their rights and burn them the day they are told to marry Quran. Now, let’s talk about the unbridled obsession of these sick communities with women which are continuously refusing to adopt the modernity that requires them to relinquish their shameful customs and respect the women. 

The reports about lascivious nature of Muslim men in Pakistan are quite shocking for all us. The bestiality, the Bachha Bazi, sexual cruelty against minorities, and such patriarchal taboos, are sufficient to delineate the dire condition of these girls married to Quran face everyday. Now the question arises, if these girls are married to Quran for some religious reason, then what happens with them afterwards?. As the men in the family tend to treat them as slaves, but nobody can exactly say what else happens to them. For these cases are never reported. The girls suffer silently, burying their screams in the verse of the Holy Book, and living under the darkness where they can be used for any purpose by the men who see them not less than the animal. If the bestiality is their first choice of intercourse, then what can guarantee that nothing sexually evil doesn’t happen to these Brides of Quran?

Like Bachha Bazi, this custom is also secretly flourishing under the radicalism, which powerfully tramples  the existence of women down disdainfully by creating some bizarre beliefs and impose on them. Moreover, the world is not even aware of these things which are undeniably tarnishing the dazzling definition of modernity proudly exaggerating the liberty it gives to the women. Meanwhile, the irony laughs at those feminists who earn by selling their bigotry and keeping silence on real issues like Haq Bakshish. 

At this time, this is one of the most despicable customs in the world which is still not being talked about, condemned by the media, and the world organizations that claim to protect the rights of all. The women who were devoured by this culture, are currently mourning their existence, and living in the darkness of the shameless society. Sitting under the sun is not in their destiny, as reciting the verses in darkness is, only what they are given. And those who are on the verge of this sick ritual, are still waiting for the world to speak for them and unchain their existence from this disgusting, insane culture. They deplore their destiny which landed them in a country where a religion rules the mind, and kills sanity of the men, wearing sequined, silky clothes to marry the book and be called the Brides of Quran.

It is apparently insinuating the fall of humanity in Pakistan, since it is adversely failed to protect the girls and eradicate such customs that bring ineffaceable shame to the nation even at this point of time, when the women are equally important for the world and respected for their contribution to the society without being judged, forced, and affronted. Their liberty is being prioritized by the democracy, and their rights are being protected by the Governments mostly in all countries except a few Islamic countries like Afghanistan and Pakistan. Therefore, it is the need of the hour to unveil these secretly thriving customs and disbud this shameful form of patriarchy engulfing the rights of women and humanity. 

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