Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 21st February– 28th February 2022

Love and Relationships

Your love life will need your dedication and indulgence. There may be some difficulties and misunderstandings but keep your calm. Do not provoke your partner. Rather try to understand their viewpoint. If you meet your new flame post a break-up, you should not open up much about the past. Singles might meet up with someone special during an office get-together or a party.


Aquarians may be completely fit and could fully enjoy their physical and mental fitness this week. Your inner courage will help to conquer all odds. If plans of travel are on the cards, drive cautiously as there are possibilities of mishaps around the weekend. It will be good to avoid too many oils in food. Ensure you take proper sleep.


Whatever you do on the financial front during the week may give you positive and beneficial outcomes, say your weekly stars. Some long-waited deals may finally be settled constructively. Propitious time for making investments with a long-term focus. This week will shower exceedingly promising outcomes keeping you thrilled and in good spirits. Be extra careful around the weekend as there are chances of losing money.


You may be timely able to complete all your assigned tasks, thus enhancing credibility at your workplace. Your confidence will be high. As the week could provide you with ample opportunities, it is recommended to take some right advice from the experts whom you can trust. Things will turn out to be far better than your expectations this week. Keep your calm and go with the flow.


To improve your learning, there is no alternative to hard work. With the set goal, dedicated efforts in your studies will help you improve your knowledge and confidence. Even if you haven’t yet achieved what you rightly deserved, your sincere efforts might surely turn things around positively. Be careful about your time management, and do not waste time as you may regret it later.

The Week’s Overview

You might accidentally be attracted to someone familiar. But be careful as love can make a person blind at times. You love your job, but it is better to rest as well. And this hustle might bring you perks that are long pending. This week you might want to go back in time in your work-life or love life. People like you require a lot of love, affection, and warmth, and this week you may come across someone who might be your playmate. And you may be successful. Self-indulgence and laziness may prevent you from using your wit and knowledge.
You are advised to be attentive to your love life. If you provoke your spouse in any manner, it could escalate into a tug of war. Those who have recently experienced a breakup could meet someone at some official setting. Don’t disclose too much with them on your first encounter; remember that wonderful thing, like love, take time.
According to your weekly horoscope, for the finance part, this week may be considerably different from the previous week. If you are a business person, relax a bit as your long-awaited deal could finally be settled this week. Stars seem in your favour so go ahead with investments as a good product is waiting for you. The week may bring you extremely positive results that may keep you happy and in good spirits. However, the weekend may be left with few losses. Thus good handling is necessary.
You might be proactive and can guarantee your credibility for your work. You might be doing work with full confidence. On the professional front, this week may be loaded with challenges. If you want to clear up any issues or uncertainty in your work life, make sure you hire the proper advisor. According to your weekly prediction, you may have to serve all of your projects efficiently and demonstrate your talents and originality at work to your colleagues and seniors. Simply going with the flow may allow you to make things considerably better than imagined.
Your whole idea of being diligent in your studies makes you more knowledgeable and helps you find a way out. However, it also implies that you should not take learning for granted. This may simply exacerbate your learning difficulties because you have been working hard for a long time but have not attained what you desired. The only piece of advice for you at this time is to be more efficient with your time, as you might waste time without giving it much thought.
This week, you have fully enjoyed your health. Your weekly forecasts state that you are going to be mentally as well as physically fit. This may be feasible because of your inner strength. If you want to go, make sure to drive carefully because small injuries are reported around the weekend, and you must take care of them independently. Carry all of your basics, as well as a first-aid kit. Avoid using excessive oil in your cooking. Don’t be a night owl, as it may interrupt your sleep cycle.

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