6 Mistakes with Marketing Churches and How to Avoid Them

Today, 47% of people in the United States attend church. It’s the first time that attendance has dipped below 50% and a huge change from the 70% attendance in 1999. 

Churches today are going through a lot of changes, and in the pandemic age, must embrace streaming services and building their brand. Having a church marketing strategy will pay off for you in so many ways.  

Here are some common mistakes with marketing churches that you’ll want to avoid. 

1. Not Having a Marketing Plan

Marketing churches online has to be a priority today. Even the tiniest little local church is a global organization today, thanks to Web 2.0 and social media. 

Streaming church services has gone from a nice little perk to essential in the age of COVID-19. 

Yet, several churches today still have no marketing plan whatsoever. You’re leaving traffic and congregation members on the table when you fail to build a sound marketing strategy that can raise your church’s profile.  

2. Being Outdated and Old Fashioned

People often tend to get old-fashioned when discussing religion. There’s nothing wrong with old-fashioned leanings, but carrying this mindset into your marketing will leave you behind. 

You need to be on the cutting edge with your church marketing. Your marketing ideas should be fresh and innovative so that you can get results. 

Advertising church events can get you the attendance that you need. Embracing SMS can help you get alerts out to your congregants about closures and any other up-to-date information. 

In a Web 2.0 world, you also need your site to be modern and responsive. Focus heavily on your church website design and prioritize mobile.  

3. Neglecting Your Social Media Presence

Social media church marketing will be your bread and butter. Get to know the inner workings of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other outlets. 

You can post multimedia from your mission sending organizations to keep people up to date. Post photos and videos from services, and upload Bible study for the people that missed it. 

When you go hard with a social media campaign, you’ll grow your followers, audience growth rate, traffic, and so much more. 

4. Forgetting to Market Your Tithe Information

Even though your church is faith-based, you need to run it like a business. A big marketing mistake is forgetting to monetize. 

Never be shy about collecting tithes and offerings, since this is how you keep the lights on and the doors open. Make this pervasive in your marketing so that people know where to make contributions. 

With the advent of Cash App, Apple Pay, and outlets like Facebook making it easy for people to send and receive money, there’s no reason not to market it.  

5. Failing to Take Advantage of E-mail

E-mail marketing needs to be an area of focus so that your church can grow. This is an excellent way to keep people abreast of what’s going on with your church. 

You can collect new e-mail addresses from people that are interested in hearing more about you and what you have going on. Focus on important e-mail marketing metrics like list growth rate, open rate, click-throughs, and conversions. 

6. Leaving SEO Potential on the Table

Finally, make sure that your church also focuses on search engine optimization (SEO). Your church needs to have a blog and optimize the site with the best keywords. 

SEO also extends toward using the best images and also creating excellent content.  

Avoid These Mistakes With Marketing Churches

When you can prevent mistakes with marketing churches, you’ll be able to grow your congregation and keep spreading the word of God. Take your time and put these strategies to use so that your church can win big with its marketing needs.  

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