6 gifts for those who love themselves

As a rule, we choose gifts for friends and relatives, colleagues and acquaintances, but we completely forget to please the dearest person – ourselves. By the way, there is nothing shameful in pampering yourself, and not with one, but a couple of gifts.

We have selected the best gift options for those who really love themselves.

Spa treatment

During the pandemic and numerous quarantines, we have starved for touches – gentle and caring.

So, what if you take a day off and go not to the usual work, but to the spa? Massage, relaxing bath, beauty treatments, manicures, pedicures. You will come out rested, rejuvenated, and renewed. It’s even better to go on a weekend to a fairyland and relish Shiatsu massage Dubai. Didn’t you deserve it?


Watches, glasses, jewelry… These are just the most common things on the wishlist of every person. As a rule, we have the tiny devil behind the left shoulder that says this purchase is expensive and impractical.

However, when you buy a dress or shoes for one celebration – isn’t it much more impractical? Convince yourself, that you will wear accessories every day, and their cost will not seem so huge.


When we “wear” the scent, it is not visible, so it seems that we pay for the air. And almost a fortune. But after all, giving yourself perfume, you not only give the smell – you give the mood, self-esteem, confidence, determination, sensuality. Some aromas invigorate and inspire great deeds, others, on the contrary, relax, tune in to rest, reduce emotional heat. Definitely worth buying a bottle.


Today it is not necessary to go to university and master long-term programs – you can learn anything. Master bachata. Learn how to cook lamb curry with cranberry sauce or highly artistic cakes. Taste the vegetarian menu. Try drawing with watercolors or learn how to make self-massage. There are many, many more options today, so, don’t hesitate, try them all.

Photo session

They say that there are no people who don’t like to be photographed, there are just inappropriate photographers. By the way, now finding the right one is not a problem – study the portfolio or Instagram profile, communicate in person, discuss the location and style of shooting.

If you think, why should I have a photographer if I have a smartphone? The answer is simple – selfies are definitely not a substitute for professional photos taken in a beautifully decorated studio or marvelous location.

Moreover, it is difficult for us to see ourselves from the side, and the photographer will show you with his own eyes. This not only raises self-esteem, lifts mood, but also helps to fight complexes. 


Remember the thrill of having your first truly powerful and functional laptop? Yes, you have had computers before, but the powerful, “adapted” to your tasks gear doesn’t compare with them.

Buy gaming headphones if you’ve been dreaming about them for a long time, or a smartphone if yours is already slowing down.

Why pampering yourself is crucial?

Psychologists say that although things that are dear to the heart may not have any practical meaning, our psyche just needs to get rewards. Otherwise, we risk undermining self-esteem and falling into despair.

Conscious self-encouragement is not only pleasant but also safe for the psyche: recognizing our needs, we better control them. But suppressed desires are beyond our comprehension and can jump out when we don’t expect and ruin our life.

The inability to pamper oneself seems like a harmless trifle against the background of other psychological problems. However, it can be a symptom of an unhealthy attitude towards oneself, which, in turn, affects other areas of life.

Pamper yourself and be happy!

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