Wedding Day Hairstyles: How to Perfectly Style Your Hair for the Big Day!

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Not really sure how to style your hair on the big day? Choosing your wedding hairstyle shouldn’t get your veil in a bunch! You want to look your best, and we want to help, here are the top tips to turn your mane into a wedding-day do.

  1. Don’t do anything outrageous! Sure you’ve always wanted to try a Mohawk – a month before your wedding is not the time for a big change. Save the daring look for when the ring is on your finger.
  2. Go with a natural colour. If your hair is brown, this is probably not the best time to go platinum. Highlights: good. Bleaching whole head: bad.
  3. Do test runs! Make sure you book those hair appointments at a beauty salon for test runs a minimum of 6 weeks before your wedding. Hearing “Surprise” from your hairdresser the day of won’t be pleasant.
  4. Compliment your dress, don’t compete with it. Your hairstyle should be an extension of your dress, not a whole new showpiece. If you are sporting a ballgown, an updo is the way to go; if you are looking romantic in soft flowing layers, wearing your hair down in loose curls looks dreamy.
  5. Come to terms with your hair’s personality. Everyone’s hair has a nasty side. Whether its flaw is frizziness, crazy curls or cowlicks, be sure to make peace with it and choose a hairdo that will finesse, not fight, with your hair’s worst enemies. Talk to your stylist about how to style hair like yours and follow directions!
  6. Choose a hairdo you can handle. A mile-high beehive may not be the answer if you plan to dance the night away… Choose something you are prepared to keep in check all night.
  7. Respect the elements. If your hair tends to frizz at the slightest hint of moisture and you’re marching down the aisle outdoors, leaving it loose on a rainy day may not work in your favour. If you’re outdoors, consider Mother Nature as a consultant to your style.
  8. Veil or no veil… Your veil, tiara or headdress is essential to your style. Make sure it accompanies you on your test runs and that is can be easily and naturally worked in to your hair. Also, be sure that your headdress’ fasteners will stay in place all night.
  9. Go with the flow… Did you write “Black-tie” on the invite? Make sure your hair reflects your wedding theme.
    • Formal = updo
    • Semi-formal = casual up-do or hair half-up
    • Casual = just make sure you take the rollers out of your hair!
  10. This is the most important rule: do what you feel comfortable with! It’s your day girl so have fun! (Just remember your wedding pictures will be ion your wall forever…)

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