Unchaining the constitution from 73 years old manacles, India unfurled her glory atop the clock tower at Lal Chowk

Lady holding Indian Flag

India has blithely rejoiced the proud and historic moment and carved it into an immortal memory in the history of Kashmir by fervently unfurling the glory of India’s sovereignty and power atop the clock tower at Lal Chowk. Surprisingly, it has happened for the first time. So, it is a matter of pride for the entire country as it is apparently embodying the change Kashmir needed since independence. Kashmir, an inextricable part of India, wasn’t sadly allowed to behold Tiranga flying in the region because terrorism was howling in the valley which was deeply embedded by the separatists who savored all revelries of India, but never let Indians believe that Kashmir was in India. However, our meek, profligate congress party was seen having dinners with these traitors who always yelled to denigrate our army and served Pakistan like a loyal agent. 

It is apparently pleasurable to see new leadership tidying the tainted image of Kashmir, and adorning the valley with the grandeur of Tiranga unfurled in every place, and what is more exhilarating, is the change the new govt engineered in the valley that shows how free the army is, to take any necessary step for neutralizing terrorism in any part of the country where horror used to sojourn. Atrocities of terrorists against Kashmiri Pandits are still indelible, and they showcase the incapability of Congress party that couldn’t tame terror activities in the valley, let alone the country. 

Things have excellently ameliorated in Modi govt. As 7 years ago, the soldiers were pushed, vilified and even attacked publicly in Kashmir by terrorists labeled as youths, however now the dignity of army man in uniform has been prioritized most and soldiers have been given free hand to handle such abetting actions, and eliminate terrorists and their sympathizers if they hinder any operation in the valley like they used to do in previous govt. And this change exudes an uncanny sense of pride which emanates from the news we hear when our troops incinerate terror outfits. 

Kashmir is no longer an arena of vote bank, and terror activities, now it is certainly regaining its lost glory which was its real identity when Hindu Pandits would chant holy mantras on the bank of Dal Lake, and the cacophony of exquisitely designed temple’s bells would pervade the valley with serenity and divinity. Terrorism can no longer hamper any religious and constitutional event in the valley. Therefore, It is evidently a reason to die for those who dreamt to see Kashmir slashed from India. What happened on 26 January in Kashmir, is sufficient to astound the hidden terrorists in India when Tiranga was ceremonially unfurled at Lal Chowk, which was utterly not an easy task as no govt has ever mustered courage to accept a challenge of terrorists. It reminds me of the day 30 years back, when terrorists challenged Indian govt, and it was Narendra Modi who dared and hoisted flag at lal Chowk. Now under his leadership, the entire valley is bedaubed with a sense of patriotism, and Lal Chowk Clock tower is scintillating with the colours of our Tiranga. Terrorism has been manacled in this govt, but its supporters can be seen deploring the change, for they were besotted with the bloodshed, terror and horror. Yes, it is heartbreaking moment for them and their masters in politics. 

The same Kashmir valley where terror which can’t be frankly named in this secular country, used to prowl in the lush green beautiful gardens laden with exquisite tulips and the dismantled Hindu temples splashed with horrible past, is noticeably embracing the change India has been coveting to behold in Jammu and Kashmir since independence. Even the river Jhelum witnessed the intrusion, terror, and atrocities in the region which had tarnished the image of Kashmir, and smeared it with arrant shame due to the debacle of previous Govt as they were riveted to cajoling their vote bank in the valley, instead of dismembering terrorists. India can’t ever be capable of burying those videos and pictures when terrorism used to cavort on the roads fearlessly and amusingly affront Indian soldiers since the govt was used to turning a blind eye and let terrorists in the garb of citizens or say so-called misguided youths who were excellently trained for stone pelting at the troops, and humiliate them, utilizing the timidity of Congress govt as it was unbelievably fond of relishing the delicacy of such humiliating videos. And what Congress party could do, was chaining the hands of the soldiers, instead of fettering terrorists.

Few years back, It was quite saddening for Indians to wonder why Tiranga wasn’t supposed to be hoisted and unfurled on the occasion of Independence Day and Republic day respectively. While Congress govt never thought of bringing some reforms in the valley, as it was the party that paralyzed the constitution in Kashmir by solidifying the blunder of Nehru that is known as Article 370. As soon as, 370 and 35a was constitutionally abolished by Modi govt, terrorism and its political support diminished in a while. 

The change we are experiencing now, was implanted years ago. This unwavering determination of making every Indian equal in all ways, was felt by our great nationalist leaders like Shyama Prasad Mukherjee who never hungered to rule like congress, who dreamt to enshrine constitution in all parts of Indian specially Kashmir. And it happened in these 7 years which no other govt even thought of doing. It was congress which cradled the dreams of separatists of Kashmir that they would immerse into Pakistan, but this govt has not only thwarted their attempts against India, but also extirpated the roots where the seeds of treason used to thrive. 

The luster in our eyes when we looked at Tiranga flying at Lal Chowk for the first time with the loud, mellifluous rendition of our national anthem in Kashmir, is inextinguishable. And the pride in our hearts seeing our troops disbud the dreams of traitors to turn Kashmir into a religious hell of particular community, is an unexplainable feeling which we will cherish for centuries. The Kashmir valley has finally emerged to be the crown of Bharat Mata again, and terrorism can’t even cross Jhelum now. This is the power India has possessed under new leadership. And now Jammu and Kashmir will be run by the constitution. Now, radical terrorism will be in manacles not the constitution. Therefore, I believe, like me, millions of Indians must be feeling proud of utilizing their votes to create such an explicit change in the country by choosing the right party in power. 

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