Twitter Communities hits Android four months after its debut

(IANS) Twitter Communities, a topic-based groups feature that landed on iOS and the web last year, has arrived on Android.

In the latest version of Twitter’s Android app, users will be able to find groups related to their interests and chat with like-minded people, reports Engadget.

There are communities for interests as varied as plants, skincare, space, design, fashion, Xbox and R&B. There is even one where users can share their Wordle scores if they want to be part of that conversation without annoying their followers.

Although users can’t set up their own community as easily as they might with say, a Facebook Group or subreddit, they can suggest a new one that they would like to create and moderate.

Twitter said it will keep them in mind as it adds more communities.

It has laid out some of its other plans for Communities in 2022. For one thing, it’s looking into the third type of membership beyond invite-only and open-to-all formats, in which users could request to join, the report said.

Admins and mods would be able to let them in or deny their request. Also, in the pipeline are a ranked timeline (though the chronological timeline will still be available), Q&As and ways for mods to highlight some of a community’s best content.

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