The Role of Real History in News

by Nikhil Chandwani

Fake news, repeated many times, becomes real, very, very real, and we have seen an entire distorted history of Christopher Columbus as an example.

Pick up any pre-modern era news article on Christopher Columbus in the United States, and you will see him described in glowing terms as a well-behaved voyager and great explorer. There is even a national holiday in the United States called Columbus Day.

This holiday commemorates the arrival of Columbus in the Americas on the 12th of October, 1492. Upon closer inspection, one will discover the truth that Columbus was nothing but a thug, conniving criminal, cold-blooded murderer, and a maniacal tyrant. He chopped off heads of Natives on Hispaniola, he enslaved Over 1,000 People, He Kidnapped.

This reality of Columbus came out when journalists started digging the real recorded history of Columbus that was hidden in the deep forests of Central America. It was similar to a treasure hunt, with evils of a false hero hidden deliberately for many years before being exposed.

Similarly, a certain father of the nation who died today (the 30th of January) was considered a hero in the past, but slowly, history has uncovered his great sins, and now the person who shot him is blamed for not shooting him earlier. The certain father of the nation is now the villian for the majority because his real history came out.

This is the keyword “digging hidden history.”

News, just like history, is often buried in the brains of eyewitnesses who don’t want to come out and speak.

So how do we find documented history which was excluded from historical narratives? How do we deal with the unjust truth that it is easier to find historical info about the achievements of your invaders but not your own?

When it comes to history, your eyewitnesses are buried inside. Take a round digger shovel, dig and find answers. All the bodies, temple remains and history of your land is hidden there. If you fail, don’t worry. Time will someday expose all fake heroes and kings.

When it comes to news, however, there is no such thing as fact.

Everything is a perception.

Dig through all your sources & make your own perception, you’ll be be closer to reality.

If you’re a journalist, follow these modern ethical code of conduct.

  1. Tall claims without citations will make your audience insecure. If you’re covering a celebrity, throw light on the hidden aspects of their life which they’re willing to share rather than creating buzz with unnecessary claims about them.
  2. Experience is the greatest Achievement. If you cover that, you will feed knowledge to your audience
  3. While covering news, don’t throw a disastrous headline. 
  4. Make sure your Content is factual, verified and not misleading; opinion is based on accurate information and does not omit key facts; material presented in the body corresponds with the headline.
  5. Ensure the Material is fairly presented; persons or groups unfavourably portrayed given right of reply.

This is what the audience needs. They would want to click on headlines claiming someone ate pizza daily for 18, years, but they needs to know the harmful effects of eating pizza daily first. 

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