The King Of We the Vietnamese

Imperial Duke Đào Minh Quân, President of the Third Republic of Vietnam

By:  Trong Binh Tran

The tradition of fighting against foreign invaders of Vietnamese people and their gratitude and respect for the National Heroes:

There is an indisputable fact that: Vietnamese people, wherever they are, whatever their ideology or perception, whether they are ordinary people, belonging to any class in the society association, belonging to the Republic of Vietnam side or to the communist side of Vietnam, they all share the same respect for the National Ancestors and Heroes. Right in Vietnam, we can see the Temple and Monument of Holy Imperial Duke Trần Hưng Đạo built and worshiped in all provinces. On holidays and Tết, these places are the destination of a large number of people, even Vietnamese communist officials from the central to local levels often come to offer sacrifices, ceremonies, pray for fortune, and ask for promotion. They honored the outstanding leadership of the Trần Dynasty “LIGHT WARRIORS, KILLED MONGOL INVADERS, CATCHED YUAN ARMY COMMANDER, LIVE AS A GENERAL, DIE AS A DIVINITY “.  The Holy Imperial Duke Trần Hưng Đạo is the most typical example for the Phrase “LIVE AS A GENERAL, DIE AS A DIVINITY” in Vietnamese history…” 

For thousands of years , we have experienced all kinds of sufferance and separation, our Ancestor’s land have become a bird’s nest from Eagle’s nest originally,  even, the Northern hereditary enemy have been using all kinds of diabolical tricks to completely annex and hope to erase all the lands named “Việt” in the world. But, Vietnamese spirit has never been lost!

Statue of Holy Imperial Duke Trần Hưng Đạo  in Sàigòn, Vietnam

Likewise, when the French colonialists began to invade our country in 1859, at that time, the Nguyễn Dynasty, King Tự Đức and their mandarins, generals fought bravely to defend the Nation’s territories.  However, after 25 years of fighting, had to sign the final peace treaty to accept French’s domination in 1884. The Nguyễn Court at that time, although it lost its power, we still see a lot of shining examples of patriotism such as King Hàm Nghi, King Thành Thái and Duy Tân and other Heroes. The last King of the Nguyễn Dynasty, King Bảo Đại, was deceived by foreign’s spies and minions and let lost the Northern part and then officially withdrew in the Southern part in 1955 to cede leadership to the first Republic Of Vietnam, President Ngô Đình Diệm. It can be said that our country has not had any King in power since then! But not so! because of the birth of a Divine Appointed Being in 1952, marking the present of an Emperor of Vietnam’s future !

French army attacked Hanoi citadel in 1873 (wiki image)

The Devil self-proclaimed “Father of the Nation”

This period also appeared a character named “Nguyễn Ái Quốc”, but he is the main agent for all disasters of Vietnam until today. A man of neither Royal bloodline nor patriotism, he reluctantly had to run to a French ship at that time moored in Saigon to escape the pursuit of the police in 1911, and then during his wandering days aboard, he got into the secret line of the International Communist organization. This dark force has the intention to rule the whole World, because they always have the ambition to turn humanity into their Slaves. This organization used Nguyễn Ái Quốc as a tool to annex Vietnam in particular and the Indochina peninsula in general. But unfortunately for him, the international communist Satan did not trust a Vietnamese like him, and had advocated using a Chinese instead at the request of Mao Zedong, a boss of the Communist Party of China.  And so, the Vietnamese Nguyễn Ái Quốc was eliminated, and replaced by a bandit from Yunnan province, China, named Siêu Côn Lĩnh, also named Hồ Chí Minh after. He has led the People and Country of Vietnam to the verge of destruction with the bloody hands of the Chinese Communists and their Vietnamese Communists henchmen (most of which are elements trained and infiltrated by the Chinese Communist Party, into the highest positions of the so-called Government and State of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam).

Ho Chi Minh, a tool of the International Communist Party

This crew of Satanic disciples has falsely painted and exaggerated the image of Ho Chi Minh to become the “Old Father of the Nation” of Vietnam, for this title, many dulling Vietnamese people, he is worshiped as a leader!

 Lineage of the Royal Family of Heroes

In another part of the Vietnamese historical picture, there have been still a clan of the Trần Dynasty, these people of flesh and blood, living detachedly in a village, called Trúc Lâm Village (Trúc Lâm is also the nickname of Holy Imperial Duke Trần Hưng Đạo) located deep in the forest in Hương Trà District, Thừa Thiên Huế Province. More than seven (7) centuries have passed, few people know this truth, but it is very real, as real as our breath!. In order to avoid the revenge of the evil forces from the North, and the envy and jealousy of bad people, before his death, Imperior Prince Hưng Đạo had an arrangement for his descendants.  Early of 14th century, the Patriarch Trần Thượng, the main branch of the Holy Imperial Duke Trần Hưng Đạo exploited and developed this village then changed his family name from Trần to Đào.  Although the study of members in the Village was not encouraged, in order to avoid revealing their Royal Ancestry, even so, the heroic bloodline and the holy spirit were still highly maintained from generation to generation. By the time of the hundred years old Senior Đào Khương, he had 8 sons, all of whom looked good with a mighty healthy physical body.  Among them was Mr. Đào Thế, also known as Mr. One, who escaped from the village in order to go to school.  During his time outside to study and work, Mr. Đào Thế became an officer serving for the First Republic of Vietnam under leadership of respected President Ngô Đình Diệm. He was married to a heroine Lady, who was a descendant of Loyal Servant Nguyễn Trãi, Mrs. Nguyễn Thị Hạnh, the two gave birth to 8 children, and especially among them was “The Righteous Man of Heaven”! as mentioned above.  Why is it called “The Righteous Man of Heaven”?

Truc Lam Village in Huong Tra District, Thua Thien Hue Province, Vietnam

The Son of God and the Savior of the Vietnamese Nation

In the middle of the 20th century, the satanic communist forces began to further promote the genocide of humanity in the world, Vietnam is a small but very special country, because of its political geographical position as well as the indomitable heroic tradition of this People, who used to shake the Continents with 3 times defeating the most powerful northern enemy of that time. The reincarnation or incarnation of Souls of Light with a mission to save the World also began to appear, but silently and patiently. Our country Đại Việt has been arranged by God for the rebirth of the ancestors in the nation’s history, with the mission of Regaining the Ancestral Land, ending the period of division full of suffering and misery of the Vietnamese Nation by the enemy in the North. And this time, the brightest Star is our Imperial Duke Đào Minh Quân, who is the Founder and President of The Third Republic of Vietnam today.  Shown through the special moment when he was born, that is at the time of the dragon, the day of the dragon, the month of the dragon and the year of the dragon year 1952, this phenomenon takes 600 years to occur once!. Yet to discuss the great commitment and sacrifice that he has gone through since he was a student until today, still never resting.  Yet to mention the virtues and virtues of a true Saint hidden in him. Yet to list out the enormous achievements that he has created for Vietnam in particular and for humanity in general. He is currently the only one to inherit 2 books: Brief military book (Binh Thư Yếu Lược) and Vạn Kiếp Apostolic Secret Book (Vạn Kiếp Tông Bí Truyền Thư) (the Book for direct descendants) from the Patriarch,  Imperial Duke Hưng Đạo  – Trần Quốc Tuấn. In the World, those of the things that humankind most desires to find out, that is the Content of these priceless Treasures! Affirming an orthodox inheritance from the Royal lineage of Đại Việt.  The time of more than 20 years of retreat in the deserted desert, where the weather and living conditions are extremely harsh, but it is also because of that harshness that has proven to humanity once again that Việt’s vitality and aura is immortal and always lasts with the time.

Tụ Nghĩa Đường, where Mr. Đào Minh Quân retreated for more than 20 years,now is the Headquarters of the PNGVN/Third Republic of Vietnam

Without any further quest needed! History is repeated and repeated in a new way! Emperor Đào Minh Quân is not only the savior of the nation but also gathering the invincible Sacred Spirit of Vietnam, will shine even more with love, harmonized with the  Ascension process of the Earth in Universe.

Imperial Duke Đào Minh Quân, President of the Third Republic of Vietnam

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