Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 9th January – 16th January 2022

Love and Relationships

This week might turn out to be a romantic one for you. You might see many changes this week with your partner. Couples might solve their differences. If you are planning to propose to someone you know, then it is advisable to wait for a while. Also, you need to reassess your decision. This week is not the correct time to display your emotions in love.


It is advisable to work towards your fitness goals with passion. You need to improve upon your diet. It’s better to intake a healthy diet and cut down on unhealthy habits. Married couples might get good news, and this week might turn out to be better in raising the family. Women need care and are advised for a body checkup.


This week might offer you mixed results. Some good things might come your way this week. It seems as though your financial life might come back on track and might profit you in every possible way. It is advisable to have patience and not get frustrated due to difficult situations. You might check different modes of work and investigate the pros and cons of situations.


You have become efficient in your performance. You might also get good business opportunities which may open a new chapter of success in your life. You might get inspired in different ways. Your efforts might pay you as your hard work might get you fame. Riches are in your favour this week, but it is advisable to take care of your earnings and not be a dissipator.

The Week’s Overview

Vibrant week for all initially. However, with the progression of the week, things may not turn in your favour due to your careless attitude. So be serious and focused on your work. While for married couples, the week might be full of happiness, and you might also welcome a new member into your family. Savings should be on your priority list with likely business travel this week.
Relationship turbulence on the romantic front will be well dealt with. Married couples may clean out their differences, and even singles might get a chance to propose to some special one. But they need to show some patience to avoid rejections. If the person you are interested in is not as close as you think, then revisit your decision. Slow down before jumping into a commitment.
Financial life indicates an average week for you with delayed gains. However, this is the week to bring your finances back on track. So if you have made any decision regarding job change or staying a float with the same one, don’t get confused. Problems might be there to irritate you but stay strong. Check out for other opportunities regarding work. Job detailing may give you a better idea of the pros and cons of your situation.
The week is inspiring in many ways. Career and work demand extra efforts that could enhance your performance. Business people striking magical deals are likely to get benefits and likely career push. Your hard-working nature might impress your peers and seniors. Labour may give you the benefits and accolades. Just be wary about overspending. A job change can wait for a better opportunity.
Students in academics need to go that extra mile to succeed in their studies. Double the effort, hit the foot on the accelerator, and focus on the preparation. Have the attitude of doing right the first time. People appearing for professional exams might do it in the latter half of the week. Efforts should be concrete enough to bring the desired result. You might get lucky with the Visa process if you think about higher education abroad.
Health, fitness goals should have a set target, and you are working towards achieving them. Diet may play an important role in staying fit, and do not surrender yourself to intermittent unhealthy snack attacks. Any extra calories put on need to be unloaded. Try to find a way for it. Married couples may get good news regarding childbirth and raising a family. Ladies are advised to undergo a complete health checkup.

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