Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 2nd January – 9th January 2022


Love and Relationships

This week you may meet the person of your dreams, and this fling could also turn into a strong relationship. You both may be fully committed to each other. But be careful not to hurt them with your words. In case you want your parent’s blessings for the relationship, you may have to wait and would also have to work hard to get their approval.


This week may give you some trouble regarding your abdomen and back. Therefore, you need to rejuvenate your health by doing exercises. Natives suffering from irregularity in blood pressure, be careful. Your weekly predictions highly advise regular checkups. In addition, the weekly horoscope suggests you stay hydrated always, as you may feel lethargic, low on energy due to dehydration, folks.


New avenues of earning may come up, but you need to make sure you save money, as expenses may also be high. If you are in search of a business partner, then you may find one over the weekend. Some folks may buy new items for their house. You may even get a chance to buy something which you have been looking forward to, Sagittarius.


Do not take any career and professional decisions in haste, especially this week. The week at work would be better than you anticipated. The business person may stay in high spirits and plan to take their business to the next level. All the best for business folks, and this week is also a positive week for job seekers, says your weekly horoscope. Good news awaits you.

The Week’s Overview

As you see the week proceed, you may have to go through several ups and downs. A change in attitude may be visible in the people around you, mainly due to the efforts you put into the relationships. You may also develop a strong will to make decisions regarding your future. Your life may come across through undue criticism from relatives or different family members. Restrain yourself from any changes and try to make yourself more confident. That may only help you face any difficult situations in life.
As love fills your week, you may see yourself welcoming someone new entering your life. This might be the person of your dreams. Your week may start to fill itself with passion, commitment and excessive energy. However, fulfilling the moments are, do take care of the differences that may arise due to lack of communication. The week may welcome you to a great position in the finance sector. New avenues of earning may present themselves right in front of you. Try to consider them to make up for your current financial condition. Nevertheless, try to keep a check on the never-ending expenses that come your way. If you’re looking for a business partner, there are high chances that you may come across that one individual.
Your horoscope predicts a test of your patience and deviation this week. Try to be less picky about things, and start to focus on your career for a change. However, you’re trying to make changes to your lifestyle. Do not make any decisions in haste. Keep up with the high spirits, and you may be able to take your business to the next level. Weekly predictions say you may have an exceptionally good time in terms of studies. Start your week with great preparation for your exams or tests if you have any. This may only help you raise your confidence level. If you are looking forward to learning something new this week, you can start enrolling on the same.
At the beginning of the week, you may see some troubles regarding your health. Try keeping your head straight and take good consultation for any physical problem that may arise. Even though this may bring your confidence level to a minimum, you need to keep yourself updated with your healthy routine. This may ensure a fit lifestyle and keep you safe from further damage.

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