Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 23rd January – 30th January 2022


Love and Relationships

You can have some valuable talks with your lover. But the conversations must be productive, and it may help you maintain peace, harmony with your lover. This week singles are likely to meet someone attractive at one of the most unexpected places. Singles who have entered the relationship should avoid getting angry. Try to be more patient with your lover – happy romancing on the relationship front.


This week may make you suffer from a minor cough and cold. No serious threat to your well-being is foreseen for now. You may feel that your health is pleasingly stable. If the sinus is a problem, then be careful of headaches this week. Also, maintain fitness with exercises. Also, keep a healthy and wholesome diet, says your weekly horoscope.


You must take preventive measures before making any financial decisions and deals as it is a challenging time for your financial life. Money may be scarce, and you may need to borrow to meet your needs. An increase in expenditure may be a matter of concern. Avoid speculative investment during this week as this would be affecting your financial goals, says your weekly finance horoscope.


Completing all your pending tasks by the end of the week may win you praises at work. A lot of professional changes and advancements are indicated this week, and you may have to amend the way you have also been working. Employed people may have a larger platform to work on. Your good communication skills may help you. People in the media and entertainment may do well.


This week, the folks who love reading and gathering knowledge would be influenced to learn more and acquire knowledge through books. But this may not wholly shape your knowledge base. You may have to improve your knowledge through hard work and formalising your learning process. All this would improve your knowledge and give you an edge over others to improve your academics and knowledge.

The Week’s Overview

This week you will be happy with your heart and you will have a lot of curiosity about something. This week is going to be very good for people living a household life. There will be a lot of romance between you and your spouse. This week will be normal for people living a love life, but your loved one will inflict death on you. Employed people will be very positive about their work and this will give them very good results in their work.This week will also bring progress for the business class. They may get a new project or offer in business, which can benefit them. Talking about the students, now they will get very good results related to studies. Your concentration will increase and strength will develop.Talking about health, your health will remain strong and there is no possibility of any special problem. However, if there is any chronic physical problem, do not ignore it and get it properly diagnosed. Starting of this week will be good for travelling.

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