Pisces Weekly Horoscope 9th January – 16th January 2022


Love and Relationships

Avoid fighting excessively and criticising your previous errors. Health issues may trigger your partner’s stress this week. Singles are expected to locate a life partner with Jupiter’s blessings. Individuals divorcing may face unforeseen problems. The expected result may be beneficial. Living with love might be ordinary this week, and Mercury and Saturn may provide you clues. A marriage proposal is expected, but it may develop slowly.


Try regular health check-ups. Planetary transit may be beneficial. Over-analysis of things may create stress. Weak immunity indicates bad health. Old folks must be cautious, since pro? Long sickness may harm your health. A pregnant lady should not ignore routine check-ups. Eyes and legs illness may impact you. Sleeping discomfort can harm your health. Cultivate excellent thoughts and seek help.


A Pay from writing or using a digital platform is expected. This time, the previous investment may pay off. Unplanned schooling costs can occur. Home religious activities can be costly. The health of a family member may take a toll. Travel and communication device expenses may be included. It’s an excellent week to invest in real estate, but the results would be delayed, so be patient.


Mars requires your patience while making job adjustments. New employment and appreciation could be there at work for an amateur. Be cautious while sending a letter and phoning at work since Mercury and Rahu may create disagreement and misunderstanding. Jupiter’s has a gift for you. A business connection may be advantageous, but Rahu and Saturn cautioned your blind faith. Religious work and freelancing may provide expected benefits.

The Week’s Overview

This week might play a great role in terms of travelling, communication, and commitment. You just need to have a positive approach to get the expected results. This might help you to attain happiness this week. It seems that some kind of celebration might help you to attain a good time. Planetary transits predict that there might be some kind of miscommunication that might lead to personal and professional loss. It is better to avoid arguments to have a healthy conversation.
It is useless to blame one another for past mistakes. This week might prove great for singles as Jupiter is in your house, which shows the expected life partner in your life. Couples that are in the middle of divorce might face some uncertain challenges. The planetary transits of Mercury and Saturn show some kind of communication gap with your partner. Things might show a slow progression in terms of marriage proposals.
Digital platforms or some kind of writing might help you to elevate your financial growth. You might face expenditures on your child’s education or in some kind of religious activities, or on the family member’s health. You might probably face expenditures on foreign travel or communication devices. Your expenses might also include some kind of new learning courses. Planetary transits of Mercury and Saturn show an unplanned expenditure in repairing old furniture of some electronic devices. If you invest in property-related matters this week, then results might be in your favour.
The native needs to keep patience if they are planning to change the workplace. There are chances that you might join a new job and be appreciated for what you do. At the same time, you need to be careful, too, as Mercury and Mars show some kind of disagreement, and you might face some miscommunication at work, but Jupiter’s blessings seem to be with you. You might make some progress in religious work.
Patience is the only key for the students this week. There might be some delay in what you want because of Saturn and Mercury, but relax Pisces! Everything might come in your favour. It is advisable to avoid arguments and take care of your health as Mars and Rahu might give aggression. If you are preparing for exams, you need to keep a practical approach to succeed.
Transitions of planets might give you positive results in your health. You need to avoid over-analysis as this might turn things stressful for you. Weak immunity might result in various health issues. Pregnant ladies should not avoid routine checkups. Meditation might help you to maintain a healthy week as well as positive thoughts might make you free from the workload.

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