Pisces Weekly Horoscope 2nd January – 9th January 2022


Love and Relationships

Attention must be needed in a relationship. Some unforeseen partner is on the road, but planetary transit may ask for your judgement. Make no haste or aggressive choices. For a successful relationship, a work-life balance may be important. Saturn transit with Mercury may cause misunderstanding. A communication gap and a distant connection may exist. Texts and phone conversations might be crucial for developing a new connection.


A pregnant woman must avoid aggressiveness to be healthy this week. Saturn transit suggests you may have sleep difficulty, and this may impact your health. Avoid tension and arguments before sleeping. Do mild exercise and meditation for health and pleasant sleep. This week would be extremely crucial for health. Don’t be casual about health since planet transit isn’t very favourable.


A raise and a bonus from a foreign client is imminent this week. You need a prior budget for saving. Government assistance may be profitable. You need to be aware of your finances and have a prior strategy to tackle the waste. Repairing the inside of your house or changing the interior of your home might result in unexpected costs. Avoid buzzy moments this time.


The patient is needed this week. Mars pledges to provide anticipated results at work. You may be active at work, bringing excellent and anticipated results for you. There’s foreign-related work and senior government support. Expected success is inevitable. There’ll be boss support. A new and significant product-related deal may come to you. Have a clear discussion with your business partner. Independent professionals are anticipated with sluggish development.

The Week’s Overview

You might travel due to your work this week. You may also get good contacts with foreign clients. Planet Mars seems to be in your favour, and even your boss might turn into your support. You just need to be careful about some unplanned expenditures; otherwise, this week shows a good financial gain. Health is before everything, so don’t skip your diet. It’s better not to use electronic gadgets before sleeping as it might result in sleeping disorders in your day to day routine. This week might offer you a favourable time in your relationships. It is advisable to spend quality time with your partner. You may also plan a small trip with your partner to rejuvenate your married life.
This week needs good attention in your relationship. The planetary transitions seem to be in your favour, but you need to be attentive in your decision-making process for your relationship. It’s better to avoid aggression. It is advisable to maintain a good balance between your professional as well as personal life to give a good going in your relationship. Planet Saturn shows a transit with mercury which indicates miscommunication with your partner. Giving quality time is recommended because this might help you strengthen your relationship.
This week indicates a good financial increment from foreign clients. It’s better to plan your expenditures. You need to plan prior about your investments and savings. Your expenses might count on a sudden change of interior of your home or some kind of celebration, or there might be some kind of business expenditure.
Patience is your key this week. Transitions of planet Mars seem to give expected results at your workplace. You might get foreign-related work, and things might turn in your favour. You might get new deals for your products. It is advised to avoid miscommunication with your business partner to avoid unnecessary arguments.
It is important to keep a positive approach towards studies, and a proper study plan might help you to give expected results. You might get success in foreign countries related to education. Students might succeed in admission to a foreign country, and distance learning courses might help improve your skill. Keep calm and stay positive as expected results might come with the delay because of transitions of Mercury and Saturn.
Pregnant ladies should avoid aggression to maintain good health. You might experience sleeping disorders that might affect your health. It is better to avoid any kind of stress and argument before sleeping. Meditation might help to enhance your health. Planetary transits might not favour you, so take care of your health.

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