Pisces Weekly Horoscope 23rd January – 30th January 2022


Love and Relationships

You may call or meet your ex-partner to surprise you. Love birds may fight for their false commitment. In connection, you may feel very connected. Some disagreements with the spouse may create stress. This may affect your marriage. So be cautious with your words and polite with family and spouse. You shouldn’t think badly about your family and wife, as there may be unanticipated disagreement & problems.


This week is not for ignoring health. The transit of the Moon indicates to be in positive circles of thoughts and avoid negative comments. Mercury and Saturn transit may give led and eyes related issues. So try to maintain a work-life balance. An older adult must be careful of their health as Stars are indicating some occurrence of prolonged illness.


This week, insurance & bucket investment may be good for you. Mercury and Sun transit will be saving friendly. So be cautious. This week, You may receive financial assistance from your older siblings, and delays might crop up. Spending might be larger than saving. Health & religious-related spending may arise. Shopping for grooming and technological devices is likely. Admission to a new course may plunge on you.


This week is for clearing pending work and backlogs. Ketu is coming, so be ready for the surprising workload. Research-related works are likely to be successful. Teaching and the medical profession might bring you great success. Those people who are associated with cults might be exceptional in their job. Venus and Sun will offer freelancers, and independent workers anticipated success and Jupiter to lawyers and business professionals.


This week for Pisces would be loaded with challenges. Deep scriptural information may also be available for you. Try to keep to your optimistic thinking and stay out of the dispute. This mindset may help you succeed in your job. This week is likely to feature foreign trips and financial gains. You need some positive ideas and vibes for good training and examination in academics.

The Week’s Overview

This week will be moderately fruitful for Pisces sign people. Married people will be happy with their domestic life. Spouse will help you move forward and will support you in fulfilling your responsibilities. People living a love life will be happy and can go for a walk with their beloved. You will make every effort to take your business forward and also meet some new people for this. Employed people will get a good position in their work.Your workload may increase and your income may also increase, but misbehavior with a woman in the workplace can land you in trouble. So do your work very carefully. Treat your superiors well. There are chances of their relationship getting worse. Your income will be good, due to which you can get relief. Talking about the students, they will get success in practice despite some hindrance.Talking about health, you will see a slight improvement in your health right now. Last 2 days of the week will be good for travel purpose. Due to improvement in health, you will feel better physically during this time.

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