Pisces Weekly Horoscope 16th January – 23rd January 2022


Love and Relationships

Avoid pointless discussion and stop playing the blame game. Some issues may influence your wife’s stress. Because of Jupiter, the week is extraordinary to get the expected partner. Divorce people may face unexpected challenges. Some predicted results may be to your advantage. Love may average this week due to false communication. Good news for enthusiastic marriage, as some marriage proposals may be knocking on your door.


Your health priorities may come foremost this week. Give attention to your eating habits since there may be an issue with indigestion. A pregnant woman may enjoy Jupiter’s blessings and a good healthy atmosphere. Morning and evening walks may provide you with good health and excellent immunity. Include green leafy vegetables and nutritious food in your diet for good health.


This week, get ready for some financial gain. Previous investment might bring good returns. However, there might be some unplanned expenditure on children’s education. Home religious activities may also be spent. There might be some expenditure on the health of the family. Foreign travel and communication device related expenditure may also arise. It’s a good week for property-related offers. A small get together at home may tumble you.


Mars is asking for you to be patient this week. News jobs and recognition at work are approaching. The only suggestion is to be careful while sending letters and phone calls. Mercury and Mars create discord and misunderstanding, while Jupiter brings favour. The business relationship may be great. However, Rahu and Saturn’s influence may cause some misunderstanding. Religious labour and self-employment may, albeit gradually, produce desired results.

The Week’s Overview

This week might help you to bring quality life and might help you to start a fresh career. Students might get recognised. This week might prove great for couples, and you might get a chance to spend quality time with your partner. You may also get success in a love marriage. It is advisable to avoid arguments in the workplace. You might face health-related expenditures. You might get success in a research-related job. Also, you might spend quality time with your children.
This week might give you mixed feelings about love and marriage. It is advisable to plan your expenditures prior as married couples might get stressed due to it. Planet Venus’s transition gives clues to spending quality time with your partner. Your relationship might get affected due to Mars. Your love life might face some ups and downs due to uncertain challenges because of ego challenges.
You might face unplanned expenditures, but at the same time, you might expect financial gain. It is advisable to plan prior about your expenses. You might invest in your child’s education. This week might prove good in making investments in long term policies. You might face some unplanned expenditures on family and friends. It is recommended not to make any major investment. Some religious work might result in financial expenditures.
This week might be busy for you, and you might see various changes in your workplace. It is advisable to keep disciplined in your daily job. Also, avoid arguments in your office or with any senior authority. If you are a business person, there might be delays in expected projects because of Saturn and Mercury, but do not worry; things seem to be in your favour. You need to be ready for all the new changes. You might get success in your job if you deal with legal or tax-related matters.
It is advisable to keep patience as foreign-related plans might get delayed for the study. It is better to keep a practical approach as it might help you succeed in the preparation of examinations. If you are doing some medicine course, you might get the expected results. You might get admission to the desired school and college. You might succeed with the guidance of your parents, and there might be some celebration that might make you happy.
This week you need to give priority to your health. It is better to manage your eating habits because of indigestion related problems. It is advisable to have positive thoughts. Planet Jupiter might give strength to you. You may also opt for morning walks as it might help to improve your immunity. You should also include green vegetables in your diet and maintain a healthy diet this week.

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