Maintaining trust key challenge for Asia-Pacific firms: Report

(IANS) Data security, confidentiality, integrity and availability are now key issues for all organisations and by 2023, 80 per cent of firms in the Asia-Pacific region will increase security compliance automation investment by 15 per cent to ensure all policies and regulations are met consistently.

According to an IDC report, organisations must also recognise, and be sensitive to, practises that pose risks to the environment and humanity.

By 2026, 20 per cent of Asia-Pacific enterprises (excluding Japan) will incorporate cyber-resiliency planning in response to transnational sanctions against countries that neglect overseas illegal cyber-activities of their citizens.

“Asia/Pacific organisations understand the importance of integrating trust as part of their future strategic plans. While building trust is essential, maintaining positive trust levels is the key challenge for Asia/Pacific organisations,” said Jeff Xie, Senior Market Analyst for Security and Trust Research, IDC Asia/Pacific.

By 2023, 20 per cent of the largest public cloud customers in the region will subscribe to integrated risk management and cyber-insurance policies through shared fate/risk programs to protect against sophisticated cyberattacks.

“By 2023, 40 per cent of APEJ organisations will allocate half of their security budgets to cross-technology ecosystems/platforms designed for rapid consumption and unified security capabilities to drive agile innovation,” said the report.

By the same time period, 33 per cent of digital platforms will appoint resident compliance officers to limit liability from criminal penalties imposed by evolving regulations related to negative social impact of misinformation.

“Managing the various elements of Trust creates trust outcomes that goes beyond the individual entities and Asia/Pacific organisations that leverage these predictions positively can gain a competitive advantage,” Xie added.

By 2025, 10 per cent of the largest 500 organisations in the region will employ blockchain-enabled customer data tokens and basic attention tokens to compensate customers for the gathering and use of their data, said the IDC report.

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