Leo Weekly Horoscope 9th January – 16th January 2022


Love and Relationships

Start this week with healthy communication with your partner. Address the issues you have had regarding love, relationships and any other family problems. This week is a roller coaster of emotions. Do not just give up if you get along with a hurtful comment or a disturbing emotional argument! You just need to talk to a friend or a sibling instead of carrying along the burden.


A healthy and energetic week lies ahead of you if you keep following your regular diet and workout sessions. Join in a sports academy or a game and start building your stamina. If at all you are undergoing any treatment for a disease, please take your medications. Students must not get stressed over their studies while overburdening themselves with classes.


This week can be a little rough. Thus you might have to start dealing with a lot of complications that come your way. Be prepared for what life throws at you in any manner. If you’re confused about your income source or information regarding your finances, you can watch the market with the utmost precision. We advise you not to take hefty decisions.


Yes, this is your time of the week. Bring on your best game to the table and work hard to reach that highest level of success. You must remain careful of the things you neglect while trying to speed up the process of working smart. This week’s horoscope advises you to stay extremely careful about your work and, thus, you should make decisions with consideration and understanding.

The Week’s Overview

A week where your spouse will come to your aid and turn your boring week into an interesting one. Enthusiastically take care of your loved ones. A week for children to be careful. A time to pack your bags and be ready to move on to the journey which you were putting off. This trip might turn out to be beneficial. A time to enjoy yourself with your loved ones on an exciting trip. Loyalty and active doctors and medical professionals will be over-energetic this week. Appreciation is a wonderful thing and that is how these dedicated professionals will be recognized. Along with these medical professionals, it is also a week of appreciation for the Legal professionals. They would receive appreciation from judges and their colleagues. A week that would be very profitable for them due to their popularity. Teachers are the professionals who are always on their toes, but this week might turn out to be stressful for them and it might exhaust them. It is said that Hard work is the key to success, so this saying goes well for the sportspersons who will attain their goals easily this week.
It’s the best time to solve the issues with your partner. A time to collect yourself and tackle the emotional disturbance that will arise due to your feelings being hurt by someone you love the most. The best way to deal with emotional disturbance is to talk with a friend. It is advisable not to end the relationship but instead build a bridge and continue with the relationship. Some efforts from your side may soothe the tensions and with time the conditions may be fine.
Time to save money by controlling your unnecessary expenses. To avoid a financial crunch in the future it is advisable to bring a balance between the expenditure and earnings. To deal with the expenses that are obvious to you in your future it’s better to save at this time. Saving money at this time may make your future secure. Investment in profitable deals is fine but it is better to invest after checking all the details. Investment without checking may lead to monetary loss.
One important message for you: Do hard work and achieve the road to success. While trying to complete work on the professional front please be careful. You may omit things but that needs to be done with care. A favorable time for the businessmen as there would be no deals for negotiation. But a piece of advice even is to take decisions after proper consideration. It is said that going on a walk or listening to music is the best way to relax your mind. This is the best medicine for the students who despite hard work will not be able to learn the lessons. Circumstances may make you change your job which may not be very fruitful but it is advisable to accept every change positively.
A positive sign for your confidence as it would improve through learning and education. Your quality of exploring every field may be very advantageous for you. Follow the example of Arjun and keep yourself focussed on your areas of learning. A week that will bring good results for the students appearing in any exam. More help in the studies to some of you who may take up extra learning classes. Please pay extra attention to your learning as your efforts for studying would be rewarding in the time to come.
You are blessed with a healthy and energetic life in the week. A week of good health will direct you to join the Sports Academy to build your stamina. It is advisable to take preventive measures as advised by the physician if you happen to catch up with the issue of the respiratory system. Health is first so it is right for the people to follow their medical treatments thoroughly. Over enthusiasm and stress regarding studies may lead to some health issues. Love is in the air and it is the week that you would be devoting love to your partner.

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