Leo Weekly Horoscope 2nd January – 9th January 2022

Love and Relationships

You may restrict yourself from getting involved in socialising activities. Try and focus on giving importance to your studies. Surfing through the internet and not focusing on learning can be a waste of time. If you are uncertain about your career or academic choices, seek guidance from a professional. Plan a dinner or go to an amusement park with your partner that interests both of you.


It is an advisable predicament for the betterment of your life and future; you must be respectful towards elders. You may see this week’s activities to be vulnerable. Still, children under this zodiac sign must seek advice from their parents and thereby maintain their calm during such a course of conversation. You may try meditation or physical and mental exercise.


Improve your bank balance with great financial assistance. People looking after their family finances and their well-being may do well, depending upon the amount of money they have saved. It’s advisable to spend money on a capital budget and not to take any kind of loan. Taking a loan out to fulfil your dreams may result in a hefty price to pay in the end.


Taking a good turn in business towards progress is a step up, but if you’re stuck, remember you will have time to improve your skills and learn new things every day. Changing job location or profile is on the cards. However, this may require a lot of hard work on your part. Starting a new business or changing a job might require great dedication from your end.

The Week’s Overview

A week full of Fortune is smiling on you ahead. A person is likely to bring mental vigour, and unanimity is going to step into your life. Logical and rational thinking have helped you throughout your life to make decisions that may be helpful to you in this week as well. Believing in your strengths is likely to make you feel relieved and help you to be confident in your decisions. In the great week ahead, it is advisable to avoid overeating and to find an escape to motivational drinking, as they are the two things that may damage your health. Meditation and self-control are the two remedies for your physical problems. You have been blessed with the ability of good thinking, reasoning and communication of thoughts. So it’s time to be helpful to others with these abilities. A week of rewards for the students with skill, originality, and glamour. Don’t stop yourself and go ahead with your endeavours. End of the search for the people who are searching for friends. A good time for the singles in their achievement.
Time is very important, so it is advisable to spend your time judiciously and concentrate on your studies. The way to achieve it is by keeping oneself away from the internet and friends. Advice in the areas of academic choices or dilemmas may prove an instrument to bring you two together. A good time to rejoice in each other’s company by spending time together may be at the amusement park or the shopping mall. A favourable time for the people looking for a tie-up in a new relationship. That’s what is going to solve your settlement problems.
A favourable time to increase the bank balance by seeking financial assistance. A time to accommodate wealth that will improve your standard of living and good for those who are family-oriented. Money spent on the capital budget might be helpful. A little piece of advice is not to get engaged in loans as that may land you into paying a great sum of money. Luck may shine upon you due to some smart investments made earlier that would turn out to be helpful in the future.
A good sign for some lucky ones in the field of a career as it would give you an upper hand over others. Those seeking a change in job for a better purpose would be able to do it but with a little hard work. As we say, hard work is the key to success, so it may be right for those seeking to switch from job to business. So be on your toes and build up your network and improve your business.
Education and learning may come to your help to give a new shape to your personality. Getting knowledge by reading a lot may be an aid to you. Children who are good in debate, this week would be good for them only if they do not lose temper and argue intelligently. Hard work by the people who are waiting to get grants to study in a foreign country may make their dreams come true.
Respect for the elders is the prime focus of a well-settled human life. This week is the time when you need guidance and emotional support from your elders and parents. Emotional disturbance is on the cards of Leo people for this week. So, your parents would be at your aid. For wellbeing, it is advisable to do certain stretching exercises but with care. Do not overlook health issues and remain fit by taking proper medication at the proper time. Be always ready to support the elders of the family as they would need your support in medication. Stay healthy and take care of the health of your elders.

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