Kashi : Resurrection of the religious glory of Hindus

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The susurration of the Ganga river flowing and notoriously colliding with the Ghats of Bananas, enhances the sense of serenity in the evening. The placid evening seems quite magical with the Sanskrit mantras being chanted and the mellifluous sound of temple bells declare the arrival of the evening with diyas floating in the river. The immaculate vibes emanating from the temples, diyas, bells, and the chanting  pervade the city. This serenity and luminosity aplenty that calmly resides on the Ghats, is truly what makes Bananas religiously and spiritually unique. The euphonious chirping of the Siberian birds which visit Varanasi in winter season creates an exquisitely mesmerizing ambience on the banks of the Ganga for the visitors to savor this uncanny beauty. Moreover, the prevalent Ganga arti in the evening beautifies the city which unquestionably justifies the appellation ‘The city of lights’ and the loud, soothing sounds of Shankh being played by the priests on the Ghats exquisitely makes Kashi scintillate divinely, effusing tranquility with the exhibition of the religious glory of Hinduism

Now, the Ganga river beautifully pays her obeisance to the king of Kashi ‘Baba Vishwanath’, touching the well renovated Lalita Ghat after the completion of Pm Modi’s dream project Vishwanath Corridor. This is what has changed in few years under the leadership of Pm Modi. The city which was brimming with the chaos, and sanitation problems, is now taking off its dirty attire with the change which Modi has brought along. The rainstained temples, weary buildings, drains, unclean river, traffic, dirty streets, stinking ghats, all of these were badly tarnishing the religious identity of Kashi which never got the chance to draw attention of previous govts, as the city that holds the Hindu significance hardly nudge politicians to develop it. Multiple examples can be served on the table to debate on this issue which talks about developing the cities which are religiously important for the Hindu. 

The dingy alleys umbrealled by the intricate cobwebs of wires were enough to showcase the plight of the city which was deprived of development for decades. 

Surrounded by the houses and suffocating streets, the Baba Vishwanath temple stood, which always pained Hindu pilgrims, seeing the condition of the temple as if it was never a priority until Pm Modi came here. It is axiomatic that wherever a mosque stands beside any significant Hindu shrine, it automatically becomes politically and secularly significant for parties and secular lobbies. Besides, if it stands over a dismantled temple, it categorically steals national media’s limelight and becomes a constitutional priority. 

As Gyanvapi mosque sits next to the temple, it is just like another symbol of religious shame for Hindus, because it was built over a temple. Many articles and books can be written, stirring blatant lies about the construction of the Mosque, but in a trice, the Nandi statue still sitting  in the Vishwanath temple premises, facing the mosque, instantly debunks all lies. However, all politicians from previous govts strictly avoided saying anything about this issue, and even visiting the temple was supposed to be inappropriate and unfair for their secularism. 

Things excellently changed when Modi snatched the power from Congress, and strongly prioritized the Hindu culture which was not appropriate for secularism of India before. Modi has beautifully transformed Kashi and now it is verily getting its old, immortal grandeur back under the leadership of a Pm who is not ashamed of his religion, culture and Hindu identity that was undoubtedly not visible till 2014. Modi has proved the power of Hindus in India, by fearlessly flaunting Hindutva without any secular shame, and political fear. That’s why he became Pm again. Not just for this positive attitude towards restoring the tarnished glory of Hinduism, but also for adequacy in the country and bringing the reforms in various sectors. Now Varanasi has truly become an oasis of spirituality, pilgrimage, cultural celebration, and tempting elegance of the oldest city which not only lure Indians to visit it once to experience the immortal sense of calmness infused with soothing spirituality, it also invites the tourists to savor its unfading vigor that resides in every street, Ghat, and temple. 

The corridor project has really been a strong push towards resurrecting the old glory of the Vishwanath temple, obliterating all the chaos. It clearly provides a new view of Hindu culture, and exhibits the grandeur of Baba Vishwanath temple which Islamic fanatic invader once destroyed and built the national shame over the debris of the actual temple. This disgusting propensity of Islamists to destroy and build mosques over or beside Hindu temples has always been so strong. India is a well known example of such propensities. Many temples are still waiting for their freedom that has been trampled down by Islamic invaders. 

In a country, where calling a cruel Islamic invader terrorist was considered communalism, but building mosques over the temples is considered secularism, Pm Modi comes forward to eradicating such illusionary definitions of secularism which always emphasizes that Hindus must be secular, and endure everything that happens in the country, in the name of secularism. However, things have changed now. Secular blindfolds have been abandoned by Hindus, and that’s why Hindu community is vivifying the Hindu culture, glory, and temples that have been demanding their rejuvenation for decades. 

From the Lalita ghat to Baba Vishwanath temple, the buildings in the premises welcome and flaunt their newly born significance, the exquisitely carved gates of the temple are fascinating which exudes serenity, and divine vibes when you enter the temple. The beautifully constructed galleries with intricately designed pillars are adorned with the idols found in the nearby houses that were dismantled during this project and the owners have been given compensation and houses in other areas. The gold plated domes of the Vishwanath temple glisten like the sun in the morning and even in the night when the lights crawl over them. This illuminated elegance of the temple soothes every pilgrim who sits and bows down to Mahadev and plunges into the realm of divinity. 

Now Hindus don’t have to feel pained, looking at the mosque that reminds us of the Islamic fanatics who couldn’t stand Hinduism. However, the Nandi statue that still seems waiting for Mahadev towards the mosque is certainly enough to hit our nerves, but now the Bhagwa flag flies with the grandeur of the temple and tells its history to the sky that salutes it every morning and evening by turning saffron to revere the oldest culture. 

The glory of Hinduism has been excellently resurrected which was almost buried in the graveyard of fabricated secularism of India. Under the leadership of Pm Modi, the temple is now scintillating again with its profound glorious significance. 

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