Joe Biden, Learn From India


Sisters and Brothers (did I just assume your gender) of Biden-friendly American media,

It fills my heart with unspeakable pain to type this in response to the cold and disrespectful coverage against India you have written day in and day out. 

The New York Times recently came up with an article highlighting the flaws in India’s fight against COVID. The ‘famed’ Biden friendly newspaper carried a headline, “In India, mask-wearing is down, even as case numbers rise.”

I did have the subscription for NYT, and I went through the piece. 

The article ridiculed India’s fight against COVID and laughed at how casual Indians are despite COVID-19 regaining its presence. I found the article insulting not because I am a hyper-nationalist (what’s wrong in being one, though?) but because the truth is hidden in the mirror that the new American president has lost. 

Recently, the United States recorded over 1.5 million virus cases, thereby making a world record of maximum positive cases in a single country on a single day. 

With a record 1.3million cases recorded in the US, the focus for New York Times continues to be India’s mask usage. Vaccinations against life-threatening diseases are one of the greatest public health achievements in history. However, many, many Americans are avoiding vaccines and opening protesting against the vaccination drive. Numerous American blogs are worsening fears regarding vaccination safety, as at least a dozen websites are regularly publishing inaccurate alarming information about the risks of vaccines. Biden failed to address this. 

Biden failed to deliver election promises of COVID-free America. He failed the 4th July 2021 Independence from the COVID-19 deadline. Now, to hide the failure of the Biden administration, biased media platforms are targeting India. Today, I want to reveal some facts about the Indian fight against COVID-19 achievement.

  1. India’s COVID-19 vaccination coverage has crossed 156 Crore (1,56,63,10,110) (1.5 Billion) landmark milestone. This is more than the population of the United States + the number of Native Americans they killed.
  2. Our vaccine certificates are online, and technology is being used to dynamically monitor and record new cases. We have leased our technology free of cost to numerous other nations.
  3. Our indigenous Covaxin is more effective than other COVID-19 vaccines in new variants.
  4. America recorded more than twice the number of deaths than India yesterday (15th Jan 2021). Deaths in India are reducing due to a successful vaccination drive. 
  5. Indian Police Officials are bravely fighting the Coldwave and ensuring lockdowns are implemented. They’re working round the clock to ensure people are wearing masks. 
  6. We have learned a lesson from the second wave, and the nation is united against the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Biden and Biden friendly media, stop lecturing India. You found independence after wiping out the local population. We found freedom by fighting each day to safeguard our culture, a very diverse 5000-year old culture. The culture survived because we learn from mistakes. Our civilization thrived because we are pro-science. India’s average age is 28, whereas Americans are 38. The generation gap is from your end, not ours. 

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